Feb 11, 2013

Irish Eyes

One of the cool things about going to Ireland is that I get to go inside of people's homes. When my wife and I travel, we usually only get to see the inside of our hotel room. You have to know people to get inside homes. The last time we were in Ireland we stayed at my cousin, Miriam's house. Her mom, Mary, has a beautiful home on the same property. Yun and I spent an afternoon having tea and cake inside Mary's house. It's a very cool old school Irish style house. There are little fireplaces everywhere. We loved it. She has a fantastic little garden out front too. Flowers seem to be blooming all year long. I did this drawing as a tribute to the hospitality we were shown.


Anonymous said...

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Diminished Sanity said...

Great as always. Love the antenna. Functional or a leftover from back in the day? I only recently took mine down.

Michael Lukyniuk said...

Fantastic. The shadows on the house and the smoke from the chimney seem to give this picture a 3D effect. A very homey-looking plce.

Louis Netter said...

You really captured those lovely Irish houses. I know them well. Beautiful colour use as well.