Dec 19, 2012

I Left My Heart

I was recently in San Francisco. It must be a crazy place to try and ride a bike. The hills are so steep. I was struggling to just walk. There is still a huge hippie vibe there. I felt right at home because,after all, I am a hippie too.

Dec 16, 2012

What I Look Like In Korea

Once in a while I Google my name to see what turns up. In the past, I would find articles about me in a million different countries. I never knew what was written about me because I couldn't understand the various languages. Tons of examples of my work would be posted on various art blogs around the globe. I would find stuff in Russia, Italy, Germany, Japan, Netherlands and on and on. Recently I found that Google doesn't display things from around the world anymore. It's just articles about me that are mostly US based. So here I am in Korea, so I decided to Google my name. I was shocked. So many Korean articles and blog posts came up about me. It was like I was the Justin Beiber of Korea. I think I'll try that when I am in different countries to see what I find. Someone in Korea had even done this drawing of me. I don't know their name or anything but I thought it was very sweet.

Dec 13, 2012

Tower Bridge Is Not Falling Down

My favorite movie is, A Man For All Seasons. It's a film about Sir Thomas Moore and Henry the Eighth. When I was recently in England, Yun kept telling me I would love to see Tower of London. It's the joint where Henry tortured and whacked all of his rivals, including Tommy Moore. Every time we are in London she asks me if I want to go there to see it. I always say no. I can be difficult like that sometimes. Finally she dragged me there. Tourists stretched as far as the eye could see. People had to wait on lines for hours to get into anything once inside the walls. We stayed for 5 minutes. The Tower Bridge was right outside the walls. I chose to draw that instead. Sorry Sir Thomas.

Dec 9, 2012

The Abe Man

Whipped out my trusty old moleskine drawing book and sketched me an Abe Lincoln. The movie seems to be the hottest ticket of the moment, so I had to have me some Abe.

Dec 5, 2012

San Francisco

Recently I had to go to San Francisco for work. I love that crazy city, plus I have some friends who live there. I haven't been back for 15 years. It's a wacky place, in a good way. The presidential election was going on while I was there. I stayed in a few hotels while I was there, which is a whole other story. One of them was the Sir Francis Drake, which has a huge statue of him in the lobby. I think it's made of red plexiglass. It's pretty cool so I drew it. The bathroom in the hotel room was so small, I couldn't open the door all the way to get in and I'm super skinny. I don't know how regular folks get into the bathroom. I hung with the locals and realized it's one of my favorite cities.

Dec 2, 2012

The Flower Children

I was in a photo studio in San Francisco and found this vase of flowers to draw. I'm real good with the flowers.