Sep 27, 2012

Leftover Food

This is another drawing I did of the food carts in Portland. The food carts are located in little pockets throughout the city. There might be 20 or 30 carts on one corner and then 3 blocks away are another 20. I couldn't decide which cart to draw, so like an idiot I kept walking back and forth between the different areas that had the carts. I was spending more time walking back and forth trying to scope out the perfect cart than I was drawing. So I threw up my hands in surrender, plunked myself down in front of this sucker and drew the damn thing. I'm not sure why this food cart had it's phone number displayed. I didn't see any take-out action going on at all. My only guess, it that people call in their order in advance and then just pick it up at the window. Maybe someone form Portland can explain to me what that is all about.

Sep 24, 2012


I have continued to do drawings for the Temple in Korea. Whenever I get some free time, I bang out another one. Then I send it to Jogyesa in Seoul. This is a drawing of some Gods, who live in a smaller Temple alongside of the main one. Maybe I'll grow a beard like theirs. You don't see much of that these days. I could start a new trend. I'm sure I could pull it off.

Sep 21, 2012


I was in a strange studio in Seoul. I'd drawn everything there was to draw.This odd little nick nack was the last item available, so I sketched it. I'm not sure what to make of it.

Also if you have a minute and want to see something great. Check out this short graphic novel my talented friend, Lorenzo Fonda just did. See it here.

Sep 19, 2012

The Rose

The interesting thing about Facebook is how you find old friends. After I was in Seattle a year ago, someone I worked with many, many years ago contacted me on Facebook. She said if I ever get to Seattle again we should meet up. I agreed. Her name is Sue Rose. We knew each other when she was an art director in advertising. Sue was one of those people who was super talented and anything she touched turned to gold. The other thing about her was that she was very quiet and humble. You'd see her at the zerox machine with a drawing on a little napkin. The next thing you know it's being sold on t-shirts all over the world. Then I'd see it in 7Up commercials and Coke spots all over the world. The drawing was of Fido Dido. You may recognize it from this commercial I found on YouTube. I was always thinking, how does she do that? She was too gifted to stay in advertising. She left and created successful children's television shows. Angela Anaconda, Pepper Ann and Unfabulous. Yun and I loved hanging out with her. She was exactly the same; quiet, humble, funny, cute and adorable. At one point she said she was now making ceramic sculptures. On her phone, she showed us a photo of a sheep she had made. Yun and I nearly fell out of our chairs. It was one of the most beautiful objects I'd ever laid eyes on. It had every strand of wool done in a really clever style. The sheep was standing on grass and she made every blade of grass too. I had warned Yun before meeting her that Sue was magical. She did not disappoint. We can't wait to go back to Seattle so we can hang out with her again.

Sep 17, 2012

Reddy, Set, Draw

As I've said before I was in Seattle recently. The first day, Steve Reddy and Gabi met up with me to draw. This type of thing is not really easy for me to do. The problem is, in order for me to do a really good drawing I need like 4 hours. We only sat for an hour and a half. Almost no one can sit with me when I draw because it's too taxing. Also I haven't seen Steve and Gabi in so long that we want to talk to each other. We have lots of questions for each other and we talk about our exploits. While this is happening, I can't really concentrate on the drawing. I'm sort of scribbling in a little drawing book but not really paying attention to what I'm doing. What we should have done was meet for a beer or 3. But because of this Urban Sketching movement, we always have to meet to draw. It's fine for Gabi because he can do an amazing drawing in 10 seconds. Then he's free to shoot the breeze. Not me. Take this drawing for instance. If you look at it closely, you'll notice something isn't quite right. The bar had an awning sticking out. I was so busy talking and not looking that I left it out by accident. It looks very strange to me now. I tried hard to make the drawing look OK. Anyway next time I'm in Seattle, it's going to be beers, and NO I won't draw them.

Sep 14, 2012

Sketching With Lapin, Almost

I got a nice e-mail from Veronica Lawlor inviting people to join her, Lapin and Jason Das to do a little sketching together as an excuse to meet each other. At least that's the way I looked at it. Lawlor, Das and Lapin are great artists I wanted to meet. The gathering was to take place at the Intrepid, which is a big Navy ship which has been converted into a museum. 11AM sharp. I show up at 10:30 and there is a big line. It takes me half an hour to get in. It's 90 friggin degrees and I am melting like the wicked witch of the west. There is also no shade on the flight deck along with no sketchers. I wander to and fro but don't see anyone drawing. I walk down to the deck below but no one there either. So I go back to the top deck and find a tiny patch of shade, about 2 feet in diameter. I have to sit at the end of a bench to be in the tiny spec of shade. The only thing I could see was this helicopter but it was quite far away. I had nothing to do so I drew the thing as best I could given the difficult circumstances. Even in the shade I was melting. At around 12:30 it finally dawned on me that no one else was coming. I sent a text to Veronica and she said that she was coming later around 3 o'clock but that Lapin should be there already. I searched and didn't see him or anyone else for that matter. I noticed lately that all of them did sketches of the Highline that day. I must have not gotten the memo. So I went back to my office. I guess there was a bit of a mix up, which happens. It was no big deal but I did want to meet those guys. I'm sure it will happen again and I'll be ready for action. I did get this strange little drawing out of the experience.

Sep 12, 2012

Cuban Food Cart

This is one of the drawings I did when I was in Portland. Obviously it's of a food cart because there is one on every square inch of the place. The strange thing I noticed there was no one comes up to look at what I'm doing on the street. I usually get mobbed. In Portland, I could be nude doing a huge painting and not one person would stop to look. It must be something they put in the food cart food.

Sep 10, 2012

Portland Oregon Food Carts

Yun and I recently drove to Portland, Oregon from Seattle. We stayed there for 2 days. Being clueless, I had no idea that Portland was full of food carts. It was crazier than I had imagined. So I had to make a little movie to show people who have never heard about this phenomenon. Believe it or not I was so busy making this dumb little movie that I never really ate any of the food. It all looked quite fantastic though. Watch this video and I guarantee you'll be amazed.

Sep 6, 2012


Yun and I recently went to Seattle for a little vacation. Of course, if one is in Seattle, one must contact Gabi Campanario. He set up a day for me to draw with sketchers from Seattle. Over 30 showed up. We met at a place called the Ballard Locks. The funny thing about the whole episode is that nothing happens unless Gabi is there. He is the ringleader, the principal and the master of ceremonies. Gabi was a little late but no one does anything until he comes. We all just stood around. When he shows up, he starts barking out commands and everyone listens intently. Then everyone springs into action and starts drawing. I truly believe if Gabi was an hour or 2 late, we all would have sat there waiting. I love that about him. He's very charismatic and the perfect leader of the Urban Sketchers movement. There were many very talented people who showed up to sketch. My good friends Steve Reddy and Jackie Helfgott, just to name a few. Also I bought a few tiny cards of birds in a secondhand store in Portland. I glued them in because I thought it looked cool.

Sep 4, 2012

Girls On Film

In Korea, all the females are beautiful. They all seem to know it too. If I am in the lobby of the hotel waiting to be picked up by my driver, I watch the activity of the women. There is a full length mirror near the lobby entrance. I know that each girl entering will head straight for it and stand in front of that mirror and look at themselves for 5 minutes. It's quite something to see. I've also noticed a fixation with taking self portraits with their cell phone cameras. Not once have I seen a guy do it, except maybe for me. I find the whole thing fascinating. Plus it gives me something to do to kill time. There is always an endless amount of primping and adjusting. It would make for a great video, I just think it would be too hard to try and film it all clandestinely. This drawing will have to suffice.