Jul 30, 2012

Who You Gonna Call?

I work in the neighborhood called Tribeca in New York City. Around the corner from my office is the famous firehouse that the movie, Ghostbusters, was filmed in. Tourists always come up to me and before they can speak, I say, "are you looking for the Ghostbusters firehouse?" Yes, they say. So I take them. Sometimes I look out the window and there are 50 people standing in front gaping at the place. So I figured I would draw it. I would draw a little at a time each day at lunch or in the morning when it wasn't too hot. The actor Ed Burns was always strolling by. He must live down the block. One morning an old guy dressed in a nice suit stopped by. He told me the firehouse used to be twice the size it is today. Apparently the city cut it in half in 1984 to widen the street. Hey I learned something new. I can tell that factoid to the tourists. One day I even saw a crew filming in front. Guys were all dressed up in Ghostbusters outfits. There was even a guy dressed up like the marshmallow man. The firemen must think people are crazy. I know I do.

Jul 25, 2012

The Acid Queen

Last time I was in Korea, I got sick. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with acid reflux. Now I can't eat my favorite thing in the world, tomatoes. No chocolate, club soda or orange juice either. No No No. My life is full of No's. At least I feel good.

Jul 23, 2012

Strange Behavior

I'm not sure I should even tell this story but what the hell. There has been a terrible heat wave in New York for quite some time now. Temperatures get into the upper 90's almost every day. I went drawing with Danny Gregory one weekend. He suggested we go to where they keep the garbage trucks. I, like an idiot, said why not. We actually brought sandwiches with us, as if we were picnicking on the Seine river. It was so sunny and hot, that when we got there we hid under the shade of a garbage truck. I don't have to explain that it stunk in there. I'm sure it's like being in Calcutta or something, you just get used to it very quickly. There we are, like 2 jackasses, sipping bottles of cold water and eating ham and cheese sandwiches, while garbage trucks zoom to and fro in front of us all morning long. Every time I started to draw a truck, some guy would get in and drive off with it. I learned that all garbage trucks are not the same. Suddenly I would have to make the new garbage truck I was drawing adapt to the old one I had chose to draw. Then some dude would move that one or park a different one in front of the one I was drawing. Not only was it hot and stinky but I couldn't catch a break either. This drawing is a complete Frankenstein of many trucks put together. Finally, a guard came and told us to leave. He said it was too dangerous to have 2 upscale fancy creative directors sitting on lounge chairs in the middle of the garbage truck depot, while trucks constantly just miss hitting us. It seemed like a hazard waiting to happen. I understood and quite frankly was happy to leave. But I did get this nice drawing out of it.

Jul 18, 2012

Wall Street Blues

I recently did a few drawings at the "Charging Bull" statue down by Wall Street. What goes on there is craziness. So I made a little movie to show you the nonsense that happens there each and every day. All guide books in the world must make this a place to be seen. I should build a statue of a squirrel holding a gun and install it on 5th Avenue. I'm sort of serious.

A funny thing happened to me yesterday. I posted my Bodega drawing onto my Tumblr blog. When I woke in the morning, I saw it got 8,700 likes. That is huge. I was stunned. I got over 2,500 new followers. Must have been a better drawing than I thought.

Jul 16, 2012


My friend, Jack T Gregory has finally graduated from High School. He is going to RISD, a school I never could have gotten into. My artwork at the same age he is now, pales by comparison. I envy where he is heading. Also I can't wait to see how his art evolves over the next few years. Hopefully I can steal some pointers and ideas from him. I'd love to visit him there just so I can see the joint. This is his graduation present that I made while sitting on a dirty disgusting corner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Jul 12, 2012

I Love Instagram

I'm hooked on Instagram. It's an iphone app that you download for free. Then you can start taking photos. When you take a photo, you can choose from a whole bunch of filters that make your photo look groovy. I also love the square format of the shots. The best part is that the photo is now shared with other users on Instagram. You can follow other people and others can follow you. There are great artists on Instagram and I can always check to see what they are photographing. I can't explain how fun it is. I love the stupid thing and can't stop playing with it. If anyone is on it and wants to follow me, you can here.

Jul 9, 2012

A Lot Of Bull On Wall Street

I wanted to draw something in New York that was very touristy. The dumb bull down on Wall Street seemed a likely candidate. Man was I shocked by how many people actually show up at that thing to take a stupid picture. I was trampled and stampeded while trying to draw this and I don't mean by the bull. People go crazy for this statue. They even have cops standing by to control the situation. It is one of those places that I maybe saw once, going by in a cab, having lived here for 30 years. I hope I don't see again for another 30.

Jul 7, 2012

Close Shave

When I'm stuck living in a hotel, I like to treat myself to a haircut at the barber in the spa. Today I treated myself to a shave too. Of course, no one speaks English, so I have to do everything with hand signals. The barber took out the electric razor and did my head military style. When I was ready to get shaved, a Korean girl came in to put on the hot towel and cream on my face. I was lying down with my legs propped up on a special cushion. My head was completely wrapped in the hot towel and the person began to shave me by just moving the towel ever so slightly to expose a tiny area. At some point I realized it was the girl who was shaving me. That was definitely a first. I've been shaved by a barber many times but never by a woman, let alone a young Korean girl. Low and behold it was by far and away, the best shave I ever got. She shaved my face like 5 times. She even shaved my ears and nose. It was the best 75 bucks I ever spent.

Jul 3, 2012

Energy Savings

There is a new law in Korea that all air conditioning can't be below a certain temperature. You notice it when you enter buildings. In America, when I enter a building, it is always sub zero. In the summer, I always bring a sweater with me because I know I will end up somewhere where the AC is turned down way too low. It makes no sense that I have to dress like it's winter just to be indoors. The money and energy savings alone is worth doing it. Plus it just feels better to be in normal temperatures. Why do Americans overdo everything. New York's mayor Bloomberg is passing a law to get people to try and stop drinking 10 gallons of sugared soda everyday. He's making it against the law to sell soda in a 5 gallon bucket. It makes such perfect sense, yet extremely ignorant people and Republicans still complain that their rights are being taken away. Maybe your rights need to be taken away because you have zero common sense. Maybe we should pass a temperature law too. It seems when we are aloud to self regulate the temperature of our own air conditioners, we get a failing grade. I read an article once, where people who rent and have their utilities included, love to leave their AC's on all day long even when no one is there. Seems they don't like to wait the 5 minutes it take to cool down the apartment when they get home. Even if they go away for the weekend or vacation, they leave it running the whole time. Bloomberg will be lowering everyone's AC temperature next.