May 31, 2012


For Memorial Day weekend, Yun's brother came in from Seattle. His mom was cleaning out her house and came across some stuff of his from when he was a kid. One of the items was this great Darth Vadar Halloween full head mask. I made some people wear it so I could take photos for my Instagram account. I had to draw it and decided to use my new technique of drawing with lots of different colored pens. It's hard because you have to constantly switch pens. I'm crazy so doing that came pretty easy.

May 29, 2012

Deer Prudence

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Yun and I went to her mom's condo in Connecticut. Her brother was in town with his wife and son from Seattle. So everyone else came to see them. My new thing is scouring the house looking for stuff. I discovered a set of deer antlers. Of course, I thought it was some kind of Korean voodoo ingredient for a magic potion. I was wrong. When one of Yun's brothers was young he found them in the woods near the house. While everyone was playing angry birds, I decided to draw the antlers. My new way to draw is to use many different colored pens. It gives my drawings a groovy look. There are a few more that I did that I will be posting shortly.

May 23, 2012


Every year we have a street fair on our block. Brooklyn and new York have these kind of things all the time. The one on our block is an exception. Our block has a few of the best restaurants in New York. Prime Meats, Buttermilk Channel and Frankies. The restaurants do their own outdoor cooking. Not the usual street fair food. They are roasting who;e pigs and there are rib smokers going all day long. All the bars put tables on the street. You can buy food and take it to any bar and eat it with some good brews. I always look forward to our unusually good street fair.

May 21, 2012

Hairy Situation

I'm always intrigued by people with strange hair. Let's take Callista Gingrich for instance. It seems apparent she uses a whole can of hairspray on her bonnet everyday. A tornado wouldn't budge a hair on her head if she got caught in one. The left side of of her doo always swoops into that ski jump twirly curlycue thing. It's looks exactly the same day in and day out. Does someone cut it everyday or every 2 days? Maybe. It actually takes a great amount of effort to look that strange. If Newt ever dumps her like the rest of his wives and Donald Trump dumps his wife like he dumped the rest of his old wives, I think those 2 would make a great looking couple. Callista Trump has a nice ring to it. They could even open a string of hair salons in Manhattan. One style for men and one style for women. Hell, I would even go if I had any hair to speak of.

May 16, 2012

Sotheby's Auction

On Wednesday May 9th, I had the chance to do something out of the ordinary. I attended the art auction at Sotheby’s where Roy Lichtenstein’s painting, Sleeping Girl” sold for 44.9 million dollars. It was the night after “The Scream” sold for 120 million dollars. To say I was out of place is an understatement. I was asked to go at the last second and said yes. There was no way I was dressed properly but my friend didn’t care. Wearing a beat up old Carhardt jacket, which was all frayed and faded with plenty of holes, jeans and my work boots, I stood out from the pack. I think most people there, thought I was an electrician on standby in case the lights went out. It was very exciting though. I’ve been to plenty of horse races but this was much better. You could feel the tension as the bids rose higher and bidders would drop out when the price got too high and then only the 2 final bidders would play a game of chicken to see who would blink first. I know one thing is for sure, my work will never generate this kind of frenzy. All you have to do is go to my Etsy store. Click purchase. Pay the 35 bucks and I send you a print. No one even slams a gavel at the end. You bid against yourself, you win and the print is yours.

May 14, 2012


In order to travel in life, you need to have ideas. What I now possess is an idea. My idea is: Burma. I can't really take full credit for the idea, in fact I probably can't take any credit for it but I will anyway. A friend of Yun and I went there and told us how amazing it was. Cut to many weeks later and I was thinking of where I could travel next. I'm always in Korea and I have a million Korean Air points. How could I use them? Then it hit me, Burma. It took me a while to realize what had hit me. It was our friend's trip there that finally hit me and wasn't what I thought was an original idea. I am now stealing it as my own. I now only know a few things about the joint. One, friendly people. Two, millions of temples and shrines. Three, the great Aung San Suu Kyi lives there. And fourth, no one touches the tourists. They want tourists to come very badly so the military has a strict policy of no locals causing any kind of harm to a tourist, not that they would anyway but you get the gist. The only thing left for me to do is the hardest part, implementing it. We'll see if I have what it takes to make it happen.

May 7, 2012

The Angry Squirrel

I have created a new Tumblr blog. It's appropriately called, "Angry Squirrel." Now that I am using Instagram, I've been taking photos of my squirrel sticker plastered on subway advertising posters. Don't be afraid to check it out here. Follow if you dare.

New Sketchbook Film

Danny Gregory and I along with the help of JJ Wilmoth have made a new sketchbook film. This time it is about stop motion animator Haley Morris. the film shows here sketching what will become one of the creatures in her latest animation. It's a very groovy little video.

Stillman & Birn Again

The great paper and sketchbook company, Stillman & Birn are at it again. A while ago they send me a ton of drawing books for free just so I could test drive their products. Well the other day I got home and there was a large package from them. It was a lot more sketchbooks. There was also a note that wished me a happy birthday. Yun was laughing telling me that it was funny getting birthday wishes from a company. She said Mitt was right, companies are people too. I decided to test drive their 8" X 6" heavy weight paper spiral notebook. I dug the size. Perfect for my office. Now I had to decide what would be the best drawing I could do. I figured I would draw the greatest sketchbook artist in the world, James Jean. He also happens to be my hero.

May 2, 2012


This morning I was stopped by the police. That might sound very ominous but it wasn't. I was on the subway platform looking at my phone waiting for the train to arrive. Two policemen walked past where I was sitting and suddenly I felt them stop and back up towards me. Sheepishly one of them said, "excuse me." He was staring at the back of my phone. The protective case to my phone has my famous squirrel holding a handgun logo printed on it. He said, "what is that squirrel? I see it all over the place." The reason that may be is because there are stickers of it illegally plastered all over Brooklyn and Manhattan. I didn't want to lie to the police, so I told them the truth. I said, "these are done by a really famous artist. He's huge in the skateboard culture world. Kids wear his t-shirts and put his stickers all over their skateboards." The police were ecstatic. "Wow, that's cool," they said. Now they had their answer, sort of. Everyone was happy. They can walk around with the mystery of the squirrel with the handgun solved, in case anyone asks them about it. I was happy to have 2 new fans who just happened to be some of New York's finest, even though they didn't realize they were actually talking to the artist himself.