Apr 30, 2012


Recently I have become a big fan of Instagram. It's a FREE photo app on your iphone. Most everyone read that they were bought by Facebook for like a trillion dollars. Anyway it let's you take photos and then you can give your shots a groovy look by choosing from a few different buttons. Once you take a photo with Instagram, you are suddenly part of a huge community of Instagrammers. People can LIKE your photos. Also you can follow people. I'm following some of my art heroes like James Jean and Tara McPherson. Others can begin to follow you. My followers are growing each day. If you are on Instagram or plan to try it, you can find me by searching tommykane. Then follower and see what I photograph.

Apr 19, 2012

Model Search

I was looking for something to draw to kill some time in my office. I hadn't drawn a model in quite a while. So I wanted to see who were the top models in the world right now. I came upon a website called models.com. They actually have all the models in the world ranked. Each girl gets stats like a baseball player. I didn't want to draw the number one ranked girl so I went to number 10. Actually she is tied for number 10. The model I picked was named Sigrid Agren. Pretty cool name. It must be hard now that the models are ranked. I wonder is they get upset if their ranking starts to drop? They're sort of like tennis players now. Maybe they should rank all the artists of the world. I'm sure I'd be in the top million.

Apr 16, 2012

My Irish Cousin Comes To New York

My beautiful 9 year old cousin, Isabella, came to New York City for the first time. I got to do some serious hanging out with her. She happens to be a very joyful kid. Believe me, it's not easy to be in one of my movies. I'm constantly jamming a camera into her face. She was a good sport about it. The result is a nice little postcard for her to share with her friend and family. Hopefully she can show it to her daughter one day. You get to see New York through her eyes and mine. What a treat.

Apr 12, 2012


I was away in Korea when the whole Linsanity thing happened. it was too bad because I was really into it. The New York sports teams I follow tend to be very boring. The Mets, Jets, Rangers and Knicks. Only bad things seem to happen to those teams. Injuries and haplessness are what they're good at. Basketball I have almost completely tuned out of. Along comes Jeremy Lin and suddenly I want to watch every Knick game. At this point it doesn't even matter if they win. The whole Linsanity episode happened so suddenly that it actually took a couple of weeks before knock off Knick t-shirts were showing up on the streets of Seoul. It is fun to see what he'll do next. Of course, the Knicks will make the playoffs and in true New York fashion, Lin gets injured and is done for the year. Just as I get back in town I might add.

Apr 10, 2012

Art For Students

The great illustrator, Rama Hughes, is also an art teacher. It is again that time of the year where he asks artists around the country if his students can write to them. In return the kids each get an original drawing from their artist, that would be me. Some lucky child is going to get mine. Here it is. They are very young grammar school kids. Rama says that they get so overwhelmed with the anticipation. They nearly jump out of their skin when they get their art.

Apr 6, 2012

My Most Famous Fan

I have a good friend in Mexico. His name is Bob Mrotek. He's a very religious guy, so when he heard the Pope was coming there, he just had to make the pilgrimage to see him. Bob was able to get very close and he snapped this candid photo. He was shocked to learn the Pope is really into skateboard culture and that he's a big fan of my work. I was sort of aware because I get cryptic notes from the Vatican every once in a while requesting stickers. Also a guy named Popey66 posts comments on my blog now and again. I want to thank Bob for sending me this because it cleared up a bunch of suspicions I had.

Apr 4, 2012


The past 61 days I have been on the set of a photo shoot for 49 of those days. That’s the truth. I get to see a lot of photographers in action. Each one has their own way of doing things. I observe all of their little tricks and secrets. The only problem is, I still don’t know how to take a photo with a camera myself. I own one but I only use it to shoot videos. My own photos don’t interest me very much. I prefer drawings, paintings and filming. When I’m on set with the best photographers in the world, I never ask them about F stops or focal lengths or lenses or equipment. I am clueless. I was working with this photographer in the sketch for the first time. He spoke no English. As he was working, I sat and did this drawing of him. It didn’t take very long and when he saw it, his mind was blown. It gave us an instant trust and bond. Plus it was like a bribe because I gave him the original drawing. I really believe he worked harder for me as a result. He whipped out his cell phone and showed me the drawings his son in grammar school had done. Monsters, 101 of them. They were off the charts. We worked very easily together from that point on. We used gestures, nods and little doodles on paper to communicate. We didn’t even need an interpreter or maybe I'm starting to understand Korean and don't even realize it yet.

Apr 2, 2012

Tee Time

I've said in the past that I don't draw at airports because I have been to so many that I have drawn everything there is to draw at one. That statement became untrue today. I had about 5 hours to kill at Incheon airport and low and behold I found something new. I must be in the habit of always looking in the same general directions when I'm at an airport. The windows and planes are a big draw, followed by people sitting around sleeping and so on. There I was stuck, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted it, the charging station for the stupid golf carts. Two big suckers and this small sporty number just sitting there. As I was drawing, the usual thing happened. The airport was completely empty. You couldn't see anyone for miles, when out of the blue an airport dude appears and gets into one of the big golf carts and drives off. He's back in 3 minutes and drives off with the other big one. Just my luck, I'm only a quarter of the way done and I'm about to lose my golf cart. By some miracle he never came back for the little one. For once in my life, luck was in my favor.