Oct 29, 2012

Pink Puddle

Recently Butch Belair and I helped Danny Gregory made a video for his new book, A Kiss Before You Go. It's an illustrated memoir about the loss of his wife, Patti. I will post if here when it's done. One of the scenes in the video required us to drip pink paint onto a sheet of watercolor. I had few empty sheets I was dripping paint on to. When we were done, I looked at this one sheet and it looked like a poodle to me, so I took it home and made a nose and eyes on it. When I scanned it, the girls who work in the studio at my office, loved this drawing. I should drop some more paint randomly onto paper and what else I come up with.


Anonymous said...

That is how all the poodles will look after being left out in hurricane Sandy.
Ed Beard

Anns Art said...


Monica said...

never saw you in cute mode before!!!!

Roadchick said...

Just saw a photo of Red Hook flooding . . . hope you are ok! Stay dry!

Anonymous said...

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Rachel keren said...

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