Oct 11, 2012

Nature Calls

People think because I've lived in New York City for 30 years that I'm not in touch with nature. Nothing could be further from the truth. As you can see form my Instagram photos, I see wildlife quite frequently. I'm a regular crocodile hunter. These are nature photographs I took in New York of bears, a flamingo, a rabbit and dinosaur. Some of you may think I might have done these for National Geographic but that rumor is not true. I just did them so people who follow me on Instagram will think I'm cool. If you're on Instagram and want to find me, just look for tommykane.

Plus there is a few drawings I did of dogs in the Washington Square Park dogwalk.


Anns Art said...

I could tell at an instant you were into wildlife, after all I see Angry Squirrel regularly on your blog!

kane said...

They are hard to photograph though.

Anonymous said...

I saw a purple flamingo near my house too. I guess they are making a comeback. Maybe they will let us start hunting them again.
Ed Beard

Rachel keren said...

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