Aug 17, 2012

The Webb Master

I work at a place called The Barbarian Group. One of the founders is a guy named Rick Webb. He has a huge Tumblr blog. Every once in a while he will post one of my drawings or silly films on his Tumblr. As soon as he does, it gets thousands of likes and I get thousands of new Tumblr followers too. If he touches something, it explodes on the internet. Once he posted one of my little films. Then he got it onto "The Laughing Squid Blog" and it doubly exploded. People see his name attached to something and they just start reblogging it. Ordinary folks seem to be under his hypnotic internet spell. Well I'm glad I know him and he likes what I do. I owe him a few thousand Tumblr followers which I could never repay. I'm just a small fish in his big Firefox pond.

1 comment:

kane said...

He's the man.