Jul 18, 2012

Wall Street Blues

I recently did a few drawings at the "Charging Bull" statue down by Wall Street. What goes on there is craziness. So I made a little movie to show you the nonsense that happens there each and every day. All guide books in the world must make this a place to be seen. I should build a statue of a squirrel holding a gun and install it on 5th Avenue. I'm sort of serious.

A funny thing happened to me yesterday. I posted my Bodega drawing onto my Tumblr blog. When I woke in the morning, I saw it got 8,700 likes. That is huge. I was stunned. I got over 2,500 new followers. Must have been a better drawing than I thought.


Anonymous said...

You and that bull have brass balls.
Ed Beard

kane said...

Mine are actually made of tin foil.

@phani said...

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hirsch said...

Better yet, put the statue of the squirrel holding a gun to the bull's head.

firstclass johnny said...

The behaviour of the tourists in this video reminds me of how I found your site (through your sketches and stories of your trip to Siem Reap Cambodia) and something that has been puzzling me about korean tourists in Siem Reap that I thought perhaps you could clarify or give an insight into.
When I was in Siem Reap this year on the official "2 old hippies & their mother in laws tour of S.E. Asia" we ate one night at the Red Piano which I remembered from 10 years ago. While we were eating our (rather poor) meal at the outside seating we noticed a continual stream of Korean tourists who would pose in front of the Red Piano sign. None of them ate or stopped at the Red Piano but there was a continual stream of them, so much so that the security guard was a bit cranky with them.
Any clues?
Loved your sketches of siem reap, by the way.