Jul 7, 2012

Close Shave

When I'm stuck living in a hotel, I like to treat myself to a haircut at the barber in the spa. Today I treated myself to a shave too. Of course, no one speaks English, so I have to do everything with hand signals. The barber took out the electric razor and did my head military style. When I was ready to get shaved, a Korean girl came in to put on the hot towel and cream on my face. I was lying down with my legs propped up on a special cushion. My head was completely wrapped in the hot towel and the person began to shave me by just moving the towel ever so slightly to expose a tiny area. At some point I realized it was the girl who was shaving me. That was definitely a first. I've been shaved by a barber many times but never by a woman, let alone a young Korean girl. Low and behold it was by far and away, the best shave I ever got. She shaved my face like 5 times. She even shaved my ears and nose. It was the best 75 bucks I ever spent.


Anonymous said...

A good ears and nose shave is definitely worth $75.
Ed Beard

kane said...

Any day of the week.