Jun 4, 2012

Pen Collector

A lot of people have hobbies. Collecting stuff or going to the gym. I dig art supplies. I suppose I have to, being an artist and all. In the past, I tried out lots of different pens. There was a thought in my head that maybe there was some pen I hadn't tried yet that was really amazing and would actually make me draw better. It's like golfers who keep buying new fangled drivers thinking it will make their ball travel a few extra feet. That used to be me but no more. I only use one pen. The Uniball black fine vision pen. You can purchase it at any art store.


Anns Art said...

Oh no, not another pen I've GOT to get!...I have the same trouble you have had, the MUST HAVE art supplies!

Mark B Hill said...

Great drawing, as usual.

Not to complicate matters, but have you tried the Rotring Sketching Pen? It's shaped like a quill pen but it's a fountain pen. You can get one of those converters so you can use bottled ink (like Noodler's) I don't use it all the time, but I love it.

Mike Szwarc said...

"After looking at this book, you will note that pens are very important to what i do."

Is this a page from an upcoming book by any chance?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, is this from an upcoming book?

Ed Beard

Diane said...

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