Mar 31, 2012


I now spend months of my life living in a hotel in Seoul. Kah-nay. That’s how my name is pronounced in Korea. Every human being who works at the Grand Hyatt in Seoul knows me. Hello Mister Kah-nay. It sounds glamorous but it can get tedious. People are always asking me if I want coffee. “Would you like some coffee, Mister Kah-nay?” No thanks, I don’t drink coffee. By now I have a million hotel points. Everything I want is on the house. Free breakfast, free internet and of course free coffee anytime I’d like. On my last visit, some of the people working there said they saw my name on the hotel guest list. They actually said they were looking around for me to say hello to. There are 2 girls that work at the business center, Song Yi Kim and Min Ah Kim. They are the ones who scan my drawings for this blog. They apparently tell all their other co-workers that some mysterious semi famous American artist is in the hotel. It sort of gives me a fake credibility. My platinum hotel card carries a lot of weight at the Hyatt. I feel just like Geri Halliwell as I stroll about the place. Someone is always running up to shake my hand and see if I need anything, like coffee. No thank you I say. All of this attention could make some people nuts but not me. Being one of the Spice Girls, I know what it’s like to have a lot of attention shown to me. My bed is always made and my underwear is perfectly folded. Who cannot love people that treat you like that.

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