Nov 15, 2011


My friend Frankie Vigilante loves the Buffalo Bills and I am a New York Jets fan. He asked me to meet him in the East Village to watch the Bills play one Sunday. There is a bar near him that has satellite television. Turns out the bar is the hangout for Pittsburg Steeler fans. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, is dressed in Pittsburg Steeler garb except Frankie and I. It's a funny scene. All the Pittsburg people were very cool and friendly. We had a lot of laughs. In the bar is a giant bobble head of their quarterback. The thing is like 5 feet high. I drew it to kill some time. Frankie was drinking tons of beer but I held off. I told him I wouldn't drink until the 4 o'clock game came on. The Bills beat the Eagles, by the way.

Nov 9, 2011

Anita Kunz & Travis Louie

When I got out of college, one of my heroes was Anita Kunz. Her work was everywhere. She did the covers of every magazine. I was in awe. Another person who is one of my art heroes today is Travis Louie. His work is so unique. He is one of a kind. In the art world, there are very few artists who can rival these two. So you can imagine my surprise when they both sent me invitations to be friends on LinkedIn. I'm shocked these two great artists know anything about me. After all, my work only appears on this dumb blog of mine. It would be an understatement to say that I was thrilled beyond belief.