Jul 25, 2011

The Art Of Drawing

High School student Jack T. Gregory directed this wonderful video with the help of his very clever dad, Danny. The man is a hell of an editor.

Jul 18, 2011

Flower Arranging

I was sitting in someone's backyard looking for someone to pose for me. The potted plant volunteered. When most people draw something like this, they would never actually draw every leaf and stem in their actual positions. An artist would give you the impression of what these flowers were like. They would basically fake most of it. Only someone with severe OCD would actually draw every leaf precisely. That's where I come in. Even when I make my first few pen strokes for something like this, I groan to myself, "what the hell are you doing?" It always seems to come out good but the process is daunting. It's sort of like eating jalapeno peppers, no matter how many times I get burned, I always go back for more.

Pennsylvania Living

I had something interesting happen to me the other day. Yun and I had to go to a funeral. As we were walking towards our car we both noticed it was gone. They were filming an episode of "True Blood" on the corner. Even though there were no signs posted my car had been towed anyway. That night I tried to track my car down but it was not showing up at any of the pounds. No one at the police station ever picks up the phone so I had to leave work early and go in person. The woman working there said it wasn't showing up anywhere. She informed me that there was a thing called, "relocation." That means you didn't do anything wrong. You didn't park in a place you shouldn't have and you don't get a fine or ticket. BUT the cops can tow your car anyway. They don't take it to the pound. They actually drive around the streets and then repark it somewhere else. The only problem is no one tells you. The cops didn't know where my car was. It should be in their paperwork but it wasn't. They suggested that I walk around the streets and maybe I would run into it. I protested. Then they said I could go to the location and call 911 and report it stolen. I said I am in the police station, why don't I just do it here? They said I wasn't allowed to. I had to go and phone it in. It had to do with some crazy rule. Finally after much persistence, some lazy ass person went onto a computer and found it. It was quite far away on some dead end side street. I got it back but it wasn't easy. It would be nice to have my own garage someday.

Swan Lake

Yun and I spent a weekend in Pennsylvania. There were no swans and no lake. A few geese and some hawks perhaps. I spotted this planter shaped like a swan and figured it would be a good subject. It wouldn't move which is one good thing.

There are times when I have to write but nothing pops into my head. So I just write anything and usually it leads to something and then nonsense just flows out of me. Not this time. I wrote those first few meaningless lines of dribble and nothing happened. No jokes, no funny tales of my weekend, just a blank. So I'll just go with the blank. Being clever all the time is hard. I almost never give up. Today I just don't have it in me. Good thing writers blog doesn't last very long with me.

Jul 14, 2011

Kiddie Rides

I have always been obsessed with those kiddie rides in front of bodegas. So I just had to make a little film. You'll be amazed at how many I found in Brooklyn. Enjoy the ride.

Gabi's Portrait Of Me

The Seattle sketcher, Gabi Campanario, did a quick little sketch of me when we were drawing in Seattle. Unlike me, he has the ability to capture something perfectly with a few quick strokes of his pen and brush. For me it takes four hours to capture anything. Yun laughed her ass off when she saw this one. He got me perfectly. That's what I look like out on the trail.

Jul 8, 2011

Face Of Evil

One of the ugliest things to happen lately is the revelation that reporters at one of Rupert Murdoch's newspapers had been involved in lots of disgusting activity. I hope it's not a shock to anyone that the owner of FOX News and The New York Post had his people hack into the cell phone of a murdered 13 year old girl. They were also doing it to soldiers who died in combat and victims of the London terrorist bombing. Not the terrorists but the victims. They erased a million e-mails which were wanted as evidence but they got caught. There are also allegations they were paying off the police and at the same time helping two murderers spy on the police. Creepy. This is the guy who propped up Glen Beck, Sarah Palin and the rest of the lovely conservative republican crowd. They're all so nice and trustworthy. The funny thing is that as this whole scandal broke, it was the biggest news story in the world. The days following, I would check the New York Post and Fox news. Guess what? No mention of the biggest breaking story in the world. Those are some news outlets. Really on top of things. Huge story yet no one at those so-called news organizations seemed to notice. Very sad what passes for news over at those joints. Fox news was running a story wondering if Jennifer Aniston had plastic surgery.

Happy Fourth Of July

Made a little movie about America. Forth of July seemed like the right day to do it. I was at the Jersey shore. No, I was not with Snooki.