May 19, 2011

Battle Of The Blogs

There is a website called the Battle of the Blogs. great blogs battle for the top spot. I have been named the 2011 winner of the Art and Illustration Blogs. Pretty cool. I'll take it.

May 11, 2011

The Something Or Other Palace

Last time I was in Seoul, I went to the Gyeongbokgung Palace. Man, that's hard to say. I made another little film of my experience. This one is quite funny and points out a problem that is getting out of hand. Let me know if you agree.


Bin Laden Picture Finally Released

After weeks of debate, The Obama administration has finally agreed to release a picture of Osama Bin Laden shot through the head. Not the photograph, BUT the drawing. That's right, the drawing. Most people don't know that there was a drawing done, by yours truly. Here it is. Proof positive, once and for all. The official Bin Laden death drawing. The king is gone but not forgotten, this is the story of Osama Bin Rotten. After our President brought down Bin Rotten, it was sad to see all the demoralized Bush administration folks crawl out of the woodwork and on to Fox news. Each trying to somehow claim they were responsible for Barack's brilliant commando raid. When the Bush people were in charge, they failed on every attempt to get Osama. Their guess that Bin Laden was hiding in some cave cut off from operations was right on point too. War hero, Dick Cheney was crowing about how he practically shot him by himself. I mean he did shoot his friend in the face by accident so we know he can sort of handle a weapon. Although our country tried to draft Cheney into the service 5 times, he chose to say no to all 5 by getting deferments. None of that has stopped him for taking credit for the Bin Laden killing. The Bushies will now spend the next few years attempting to rewrite history. Hopefully my releasing this picture, will make it tougher to distort the truth. Here it is world, feast your eyes, gaze upon his black uniball pen drawn face. Bin Rotten is dead but the truth will not be forgotten.

May 8, 2011

The North Korean Border

I made a trip to the border of North and South Korea. One must take a tour group and be escorted by the military. They load you on to a tour bus and off you go. I made a little movie of the experience. There are lots of rules and regulations. No pointing, no handbags, no knapsacks, no phones and on and on. These people really don't like each other. You really get to understand just how crazy the people in the north are.

May 1, 2011

Honesty Is The Best Policy

The other night Yun and I had dinner with 2 of her friends in Brooklyn. We ate at a nice place called Saul. During dinner I was telling everyone about a story I read in the newspaper. It was about how the Japanese people were finding money and wallets in the debris of the tsunami devastation. No one was keeping it for themselves. They were doing everything in their power to make sure it gets returned to it's rightful owner. Everyone was doing it, not just a majority of folks. The story really moved me. After dinner we all walked out onto the street. In front of the restaurant is a bench to sit on. I looked down and there was a brand new ipad sitting there. Cover and all. I picked it up and looked around. There was no one to be seen. Obviously someone left it by accident. I showed the group and then without hesitation walked into the restaurant and gave it to the maitre d'. I really hope the rightful owner came back and got it. I'm sure in their Manhattan mindset that they were sure it was gone for good. Luckily for them, I think I'm turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so.