Feb 16, 2011

Empty Kingdom

One of the great artist websites is called Empty Kingdom. They feature great artists from around the globe. The best of the best get on there. It is a who's who of the entire spectrum of the art world. I'm happy to have been put on there. Check it out here. Also you can check the site daily to make new discoveries. It's a good one to bookmark.

Feb 8, 2011

Boehner Of Our Existence

John Boehner is the new republican speaker of the house. In true Republican form, he is a bit of a wacko. I watched his 60 minutes interview. He was constantly bursting into tears for no real reason and in a very demented way. Leslie Stahl was mortified. Why can't we just elect some normal people. Does it always have to be individuals who are a bit off? I'm sure if you met the guy in real life, you would want to leave the room in about two seconds. Here we go again. Meet the new boos, just the same as the old boss.

Feb 3, 2011

What I Wore Today

There is a cool little blog called, what I wore today. artists post drawings of themselves and what they wore on any particular day.