Sep 13, 2011

Streets Of Nice

The great thing about being an artist is that you can capture the great sights you see when you travel. I'm not big into photos. What I do seems more personal. I'm lucky to be married to Yun Lee. She appreciates my talent and gives me the time to be by myself and do my art. This is a great gift to me. Take this drawing for instance. Yun and I ate lunch and then Yun said she was going to shop. She suggested I find a spot I liked and she would meet me there in a few hours. She came by after about 2 hours and I was basically done. Both of us were happy. Everyone should be so lucky.


Bob Mrotek said...

Yes Tommy, you are a lucky guy. You have a good eye, a steady hand, a great talent, a zest for life, and a wonderful life. I congratulate you :)

aisha said...

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lois said...

I love this! Sure looks like Paris with all the lovely apartment complexes built up on top of each other. Very interesting sketch