Aug 23, 2011

Top Of The Food Chain

I'm not really a first class section kind of guy. My whole life has been set in the middle seat with a sweaty businessman to the right and a gassy old lady in the aisle seat next to me. Don't get me wrong, I have flown first class a bunch and could get really used to it. Even when I get the chance to fly business or prestige, I never eat the food. I fly to Asia quite a bit and the flights are very long. What I always do is eat a big meal at home before I fly so I don't have to touch the food on the plane. I don't care if it's first class food. It's still airplane food. I rarely touch the breakfast for that matter. That is my ritual and it works for me. I will have a glass of wine or a Bloody Mary before I pass out for 8 hours. True that.


Nimmo Black said...

Airline booze tastes the same as on the ground booze, so why can't they do the same with food?

kane said...

Good point.

dissertations said...

cool post! like in the real life)