Aug 23, 2011


There are not a lot of pools in Seoul Korea. It's not their thing. The few they have at hotels get pretty crowded. The kids love it. When I'm at the pool I close my eyes and it sounds like I'm at a typical pool in the states. When I open my eyes and look it is very different from America. No one is overweight. The Koreans are the thinnest people in the world. Also everyone behaves. Parents are not screaming at their entitled brats. No kids are crying. The second the clock strikes twelve thirty, the pool empties out completely. Everyone eats lunch all at once. That's when I swim, by the way. The pool at the Grand Hyatt in Seoul, is under what is the skating rink during the winter. I like to doggie paddle past the sites where I slipped and fell on my face while showing off my ice skating prowess. Being Irish, I can only take the sun for about a day. Then I've had enough of the pool. Back to the streets to draw.


Sissy Sparrows said...

Great drawing...I always struggle with water.

elhombre said...

i love your blog tommy! what tools did u use for you drawings and coloring?

custom dissertation said...

great drawings! i love such style!