Jun 3, 2011

Gasworks Park

Yun and I hooked up with Gabi Campanario one other day while I was in Seattle. He told Yun and I to meet him at gasworks Park. It's a picturesque site right on the water with perfect views of the city. There are also enormous industrial structures that have been left standing. Perfect for Gabi and I to draw. Gabi's kids, Olivia and Alex came along too. This is the drawing I did. The little girl running in the front of the sketch is Olivia. She is a hilarious kid who wants to be involved in all activities. She insisted I draw her. Smart move on her part. Alex is more interested in The Seattle Mariners than drawing. Although he and Olivia did some nice drawings of their own that day. Gabi did some drawings of me sketching that are perfect. Yun and I laughed looking at them. He captured me perfect. I'm sure he'll post them sometime.


will said...

the clouds are really standout

kane said...

I try.

landscape canvas print said...

I like this a lot, really different!