Jun 3, 2011

Flying Fish

Seattle has its famous market where they throw the fish around in the air. It's a little less exciting in person. I think when you see it on the travel channel or some cooking show, they throw big beautiful salmon to each other. That seems to be for the tv cameras only. In real life, they throw salmon without the head on. They way you would buy it. Scaled and gutted. People still love the fish flying show though. I sat on my little stool outside, coughing, with snot running down my nose and blood dripping out of my ears. The toughest part of a drawing like this is the people. No one is going to stand there and pose for me. So what I do is see someone I like walk by. I memorize them as best I can and then just draw them from my memory quickly. It makes for a fun cartoony like sketch.


Ann's Art said...

Incredible how you put SO much into your sketches....brilliant as ever!

kane said...

Doing it is a killer.

Something Different said...

Well done, lovely colors.