Apr 28, 2011

Home Away from Home

Since December I have spent about 5 weeks in Seoul, Korea. I always stay at the Grand Hyatt. Love that joint. There is a grand lobby with a beautiful bar overlooking the entire city of Seoul. It sits in front of 30 foot windows. Very impressive. I'm not much of a fancy boy but I do feel right at home there. Barack Obama stays there when he's in Seoul. In fact as I am writing this, Jimmy Carter is staying in the hotel. There are a lot of secret service dudes at the breakfast area. They all have their earpieces in and eyeball me suspiciously. I don't blame them because I am quite ratty looking. It's fun to go to a fancy hotel and have everyone know you. Just like President Carter, I feel like a celebrity when I'm there.


Helen Ström said...

Love the bedcover!!!

Something Different said...

You make the bed look very comfy, like a bed of coulds.

Ash said...

such an inviting surrounding. There something to being pampered every once in a while that we should all experience.