Jan 3, 2011

Monkey Business

I wanted to do a drawing of Angkor Wat. One morning I showed up early and wandered around the outskirts instead of going through the temples with the tourists. Found a nice spot under some trees for shade. Plus it was secluded so the hoards wouldn't descend upon me. After about twenty minutes of sketching I felt something strange. So I turned around to see a monkey approaching me. He was getting very close. Then I noticed some guards came from a side road. They too began to approach me to see what the monkey was up to. The monkey sat quietly behind me and the guards began to check out my work. Before you knew it there were French and German tourists all around me watching the show. I thought I was alone far from the beaten path, but no. After a while they all left and I was truly alone. Suddenly I heard a commotion and out of the jungle came two dozen monkeys, all heading for me. They were all shapes and sizes including a bunch of little babies. Monkeys were parked all around me. Odd feeling when you are all by yourself. After a while they got board with me. Some of them headed for the temple. I watched them shimmy up the columns and run about the rooftops. Most of the people there were unaware. It's cool what you observe when you just sit in one spot and let life take place before your eyes.
I posted a few photos I took in Cambodia on Flickr.


SKIZO said...

Thank you for sharing
those amazing work

Pelusa said...

I saw this place in TV full of monkeys... It must be awesome be there!!!
Lovely sketch!
And thanks for Follow me on my blog, but I write mostly in spanish in that site. If you want to see my work (I'm just a beginner), I'm posting my sketches in the following adress:
Would love to know your opinions!

meng said...

you travel everywhere and i love it! always a variety of drawings :) how long does it take for you to sketch all these detailed wonders?

kane said...

The black and white ones about 2 hours. The color ones about 4 hours.

Anonymous said...

Monkeys scare me, I would have run away. This is beautiful "Extreme Sketching" in my book.
Ed beard

kane said...

Which monkeys? Davey Jones or Peter Tork?

Anonymous said...

Mostly Mickey Dolenz and Mike Nesmith actually.
Ed Beard

Kisiwa said...

Am loving these pages from Cambodia. Beautiful.

nooshin safakhoo said...

Great experience,lucky you
It’s the fantastic way to be quiet and accepted nature presents.

Sandy said...

wow wonderful drawing and how funny - recently I just did a post on monkey business - not as nice as yours though, ha..

pedalpower said...

What a neat experience, but I think it would have unnerved me to have all those monkeys running at me! Great drawing.