Jan 25, 2011


If you hadn't noticed this is my third painting of a flower arrangement. I always do them in my tall format watercolor book. Women love these drawings. I should do some on regular paper and sell them as prints.


Bob Mrotek said...

Women really seem to like Calla Lilies. Have you done one of those yet? Here in Mexico a Calla Lily is called an "alcatraz". Amazing isn't it that the famous prison is named after a beautiful flower. Actually the flower is named after the old Spanish word for "pelican" and in present day Spanish it means "gannet". Alcatraz Island really means "Pelican" Island.

Eloise Liyu said...

Nice, beautiful flower Tommy!!
and ...How strange BoB!

kane said...

i'll check that out Bob. You could be on to something.

Moish said...

Beautiful! I like the reflection on the bottom & the glass even better than the flower.

Holly Blackman said...

I have to agree with Moish, although the flower is beautiful, the glass to me is even more so. Just lovely.

Sandy said...

Being a woman I would say yes, I bet they would sell. Nice work. I love your art.

Jazz`Qual Gede said...

wow!! wow!!


Its sooo GREAT visiting your blog..
sooo NICE!

LOVE it!!!

you are really really full sense of art...

hope that I can get skill like that!!!


if you dont mind, take a look my photos here: (really need your comment)




raymeds said...

You paint is cool i like it, do you sell frames or something else ? thanks

Alex said...
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