Jan 2, 2011

Dollar Store

In Cambodia, everything costs a dollar. They pretty much all speak some English and they take US money. Not a bad combination. The arts and crafts, bags, spices, carvings and silver are incredible. How much is that? One dollar. Well how much is that? One dollar. It makes your head spin. Siem Reap, the greatest dollar store in the world. Yun and I practically broke our arms trying to lug all the stuff we bought out of the country. Each piece more beautiful than the next. Also everything brings you "good luck" in Cambodia. I'll explain. Just say you buy a couple of lovely carvings. You pay and are waiting for your change. They don't give you the change. Instead they say, "I will give you 2 t-shirts instead of your change, "for GOOD LUCK." You get the idea of how good luck works. Yun and I loved it and fell for it every time. The only thing that doesn't cost one dollar in the country is, a beer. That cost fifty cents. Can you imagine? What a place. I was in heaven.


kane said...

Not a single comment. The lonely post.

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