Sep 28, 2010

Wrong Page

Did you ever try going to a website and it wasn't there. Instead this thing pops up. The college girl with the backpack telling you the domain name is no longer in use. I bet most of you have never really looked at it carefully. Next time it happens, look closely, for it is I. That's right I am taking over the friggin internet. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Too bad the photo of her is cut off because I'm sure she's wearing a squirrel t-shirt.

Sep 24, 2010

Squirrel T-Shirts

The great Jack T. Gregory turned me on to Zazzle a while ago. It's a website that makes digital or screen printed t-shirts. They will even make one offs. I figured it was time to do some t-shirts with my famous squirrel holding a gun logo on them. That's right, you can now own your very own Tommy Kane t-shirt. You can check them all out here. Some have my name on them and others are available with just the squirrel holding a gun. It's fun for the whole family. Be the first on your block to own one. They come in many different colors. That's advertising talk. At least visit the shop. It is a cool site. If you don't buy anything at least you could leave a comment there.

Sep 17, 2010


Yun's brother lives in Maryland. We went to visit for her nephew's first birthday. Both of us love Baltimore. It is such a groovy little city. We decided to spend a night in Baltimore and then head to Maryland the next morning. This drawing is of a typical house in Baltimore. Driving around we found a little breakfast place to eat in. That part of Baltimore was very poor and rundown but it had such a great vibe. The eatery looked like it was closed and boarded up, but it had a sign that said open, so we went in anyway. The second we entered, the old lady behind the counter, turned and glanced at us for a second. She yelled loudly to the 4 patrons sitting at the tiny counter, "don't do anything to scare the new people!" She was dead serious and it freaked Yun and I out at first. The joint was so old and quirky. The Fellini movie type people all began to chat us up. Everyone was so friendly and happy to see some new faces. You could tell strangers hardly ever come into this place. In fact, we may be the only 2 who ever ventured in. Finally the old lady cooking began to focus on us. She was Asian and asked Yun if she was Chinese. She told her she was Korean. The old woman burst into laughter and said she was Korean too. Her and Yun began to speak to each other in Korean. By the end of our meal, we knew everything about her and most of the patrons too. It was like a TV sitcom. There was even a strange guy who stands by the door all day long. He seemed a little slow and probably didn't have a job. So I figured his job is to stand at the door inside this crazy place and give a constant update of what is happening out on the street. There is a cop ticketing a car, etc. He kindly held the door open when Yun and I left. I guarantee we return.

Photo Of Toys

This photo was taken with my iphone. It's an app called Tilt Shift Generator. It makes cars and buidings look like little toys. This photo was taken out my office window. It's the firehouse that Ghost Busters was filmed in. There are always tons of tourists standing out in front of it.

Sep 15, 2010

Airport Blues

As the custom agent said when he looked through my passport before stamping it, "man you travel to a lot of places." Damn straight. I used to enjoy drawing in airports but I have milked them dry. Meaning, I've drawn every possible situation at an airport or as a passenger on a plane. This is about the last 2 drawings I can ever see doing at an airport situation again. It was like getting blood from a stone.

Tug Tug Tug Your Boat

If you hadn't noticed by now, I have been posting an awful lot of great and elaborate drawings lately. You can see I've developed a cool look for my skies. It evolved slowly over time. I love how they come out. Each painting takes between 4 and 6 hours to complete. It's urban sketching that is not for the faint of heart. I have to really commit to the time to sit on my uncomfortable stool in the street for hours on end. My ass is killing me but I can honestly say it is all worth it. This drawing I did in Montreal. They are torture to do but fun to post when I finish them.

Tea Party Meeting

A new stencil of mine is hitting the streets of New York and Brooklyn. The election is a few days away. If anyone is wondering where all the Tea Party peeps are hiding out. I believe I found out where they are.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Foie Gras

We did really good with the weather on our trip. Lovely fall temperatures but because we were right on the water, there were always tons of puffy clouds in the sky. I decided to make that the focal point of this drawing. It's the next chateau we stayed in. Chateau de Locguenole in Lorient, France. This place had a massive lawn, so I decided to make the chateau very small in my drawing. If you notice I drew a little thing that sits on the lawn. Those are powerful lights that light up the whole lawn and forest at night. There was a beautiful swimming pool but I didn't bring a bathing suit, so I went for a swim in my underwear. I'm very classy like that. In the morning it was always foggy and for some unknown reason, you could hear bagpipes playing off in the distance. I can really get used to this lifestyle but if I did live this way, I'd buy myself a new bathing suit.
I made a little film of our trip and me drawing. Enjoy.

Sep 14, 2010

Chateau Living Is The Life For Me

I never stayed in a chateau before. Truth be told, I didn't even know what one was until Yun booked us into this sucker. Chateau Richeux in Cancale France. Man, I could get used to living like this. My parents and Yun's mom were blown away too. It was situated on a cliff overlooking the sea. You could even see Mont Saint-Michel looming in the distance. The vast grounds were stunning. Incredible gardens. Apple and peach orchards. Herb garden, donkeys, sheep and one huge sow. There were trails that led down to the beach. Everything was covered in moss and ivy. The rooms had super modern fixtures. We had our own patio overlooking the water. The hotel restaurant had 2 michelin stars. I don't know what that means but Yun assured me it was good. I drew this sitting on the beach way below the chateau. I just like typing the word chateau over and over. We were all very sad when we had to leave this puppy.

Red Door

Some nut had a vision a very long time ago, like in the year 700. The archangel Michael came and spoke to him and told him to build a monastery on a rock in the middle of an inlet in France. Well it turns out the nut actually did it. This drawing is not the monastery but is a little church along the winding streets of Mont Saint-Michel. Tons of tourists love to watch me draw. As I was sketching, a beautiful French woman who was in her late 60's, stood behind me to watch. She seemed like she was a super model in her younger years. At some point, she put her arms around me and hugged me closely. She put her cheek to mine and began to speak in French. I told her I only spoke English. This did not deter her. She just kept talking and holding me for about 5 minutes. She finally let me go and we smiled at each other. Then off she went. The French don't love tourists from other lands but they sure love me.

Mont Saint-Michel

In my opinion this is the best drawing I've ever done. Some of you may have heard of this place, it's called Mont Saint-Michel in France. It's a monastery built on a tiny island that you can only reach by driving on a single causeway over the water. It took over a thousand years to build. The reason we ended up there is because it has been a dream of my dad to go there. His father was wounded badly in World War One. He was transferred to France to recover from his wounds. His stay lasted many months. When he was better, he visited Mont Saint-Michel. My dad always remembers seeing the photos his dad took from there as a soldier. We spent 2 nights on the island itself. There are only a few hotels along the narrow medieval streets. Every major dignitary has stayed there. The reason my drawing is the best one I ever did is because every window, bush, tree and chimney are perfectly drawn. If you took a photo and superimposed it over my drawing you would see I nailed it. It took me 6 hours to do. Worth every second.

Hip Hip Auray

One afternoon we visited the little port town of Auray. The tide rose 3 feet while I drew this. I'd never seen anything like it before. The boats were floating by the time I was finished. A drawing like this is tough to so. There are so many lines and ropes. Then there is the stone wall with all it's details. Usually I would do this in color. This way, things can get differentiated by colors. The stone wall is a brownish color. The boats were blue and white. There was no time, so I had to make it work in black and white. It was quite a struggle but I like the result. In this town, I had my favorite French meal. A ham sandwich. It is one slice of ham and only one slice of cheese with butter served on a baguette, period. A perfect sandwich. In America, we pile meat on a sandwich with lettuce and tomato until it is 7 inches tall with mayonnaise running out of the sides. You can't even get the disgusting thing into your mouth. No wonder everyone in America has a big fat ass. One slice is the way to go.
Check out this cool blog that did a story about me. It's called Illustration Pages.


Yun is a genius at planning trips. Our elaborate vacation went off without a hitch. Every place we went to was great. Every meal amazing. She did it all. I had zero input. Thank god because I would have screwed things up royally. One town she took us to was Pont-Aven. It's the place where Paul Gauguin painted before he went to Tahiti. It was eye-poppingly beautiful. When I went to the Musee D'Orsay I had seen a few of the paintings he did in Pont-Aven. They were fantastic and very different from the Tahiti ones. We only spent an afternoon there so I couldn't do one of my over the top color drawings. I did manage to sit on the street for 2 hours and blast this one out. By coincidence, my Pont-Aven drawings just happen to be different from my Tahiti drawings too. And I haven't even been to Tahiti yet.
Check out this cool blog that did a story about me. It's called Illustration Pages.

Oyster Farming

We arrived at the French town on Cancale at low tide. The sight is quite jarring because the tide seems to go out for miles. All that is left is the boats without any water. They're all anchored and laying on their sides. Strange looking indeed. The next thing you notice is farm tractors driving around out on the wet sand. They are pulling large open trailers behind them. Later you find out that they are harvesting the fresh oysters and mussels. At the end of the little village is a lighthouse. There you can find tiny little farmer's market stalls, about 6 in all. They are selling and shucking fresh oysters for the locals and tourists. In 2 days we ate 8 dozen. Everyone just sits by the stone wall overlooking the beach and eats their very inexpensive oysters and then tosses the shells over the side. Their is a big mountain of them that gets swept out to sea when the tide comes back in. It was an amazing and exciting spectacle. Even my mom, who doesn't eat raw oysters, had a few.

Sep 13, 2010

TGV Train

Because there were 5 of us traveling around France, it was not easy. We always had to split into 2 cabs. Once a cabbie dropped my dad and I in the wrong spot where we were supposed to meet the others who were waiting for us. We had to walk far and my dad's legs are not what they used to be. Someone always had to find a bathroom or wanted to look at some souvenirs. If it was just Yun and I we could get around and see lots of stuff quickly. Plus I would have lots of time for drawing. This wasn't the case. At least the train was a place where none of us could move for 3 hours. I made a real effort to show what was outside the window of the moving train as well. Of course, as I was getting into my drawing, one of the old folks wanted to switch seats with me. They didn't like the feeling of being in the seat that was going backwards on the train. So half this drawing was done without me being able to look at my subject.

French Food

Yun and I took my parents and Yun's mom on a trip to France. The first night we were in Paris, it was getting a bit late and we were all very hungry. Someone told Yun about a nice restaurant so we decided to find it. We walked far to get there and the parents were wearing out. The problem was they had no tables left when we got there. We were all disappointed and starving. We walked down a tiny little empty side street and said let's go into the first joint we see. There was a very small bistro that held about 20 people. There were only about 6 people inside. As we crossed the street to enter, I could see a table on the sidewalk right next to the front door. A guy was sitting there having a drink. All of a sudden I realize it's Gerard Depardieu. Yun glances at me in disbelief. Here we are, in Paris only a few hours and we're eating right next to France's biggest movie star. It was a good start to our vacation.