Jun 27, 2010

Bergen Street Fair

My good friend John Midgley had a cool block party on Bergen Street in Brooklyn. It's one of those blocks where 30 little kids under the age of 7 live. They were running all over the street in their bare feet. There were also a bunch of bar-b-ques set up. A television with the world cup playing. The best part is that two bands happen to live on the same block. One is a reggae band and the other was a hard core headbanger group. The reggae guys were amazing. It was quite a large band with many members. Their name was, Laury Webb & The Tigerbone Band. Their beautiful music filled the air so nicely. The little kids were jumping and dancing. Later in the day the other band started to play. I thought they were hysterical. The band's music was good, don't get me wrong. What was funny about them was their song titles and lyrics. They would proudly announce each song title to the kids over their loud PA system. The songs were about whores, bitches, banging, vibrators and binge drinking. They would launch into each song as if they were playing to a sold out Madison Square Garden not a bunch of 7 year olds. After a few songs, the lead singer walked behind a tree and threw up. Then he came right back and preformed like a real trooper. The kids loved every minute of it as did the parents for some reason. I must say, so did I.

Tasty Cake

I was never into sweets until I met my wife. Now I find myself taking little chocolate covered coffee beans from the fridge, ten at a time. Our Brooklyn neighborhood has about fifty mom and pop bakeries in a twenty block radius. One cuter than the next. I will confess I've been eating the stuff but I never go into any of the bakeries myself. the other day I was on my bike and spotted a bakery window with amazing cakes in it. This drawing should give you an indication of what I was looking at. There was several of these type things in the window. I have found that I no longer pretend I don't want dessert. Sometimes we are at a restaurant and Yun will say, let's get the check. I find that I'm the one saying, are you sure you don't want some dessert? At this stage in life, I find myself living in the land of Italian bakeries, sweets and gelato and I'm quite happy about it.

Gone Fishing

My youngest brother's name is James. We used to fish a lot when we were young. He had the knack. We'd be on a boat or a pier and he would start to catch fish after fish. I would say, let me stand where you are. He'd agree. Nothing would happen. He would be catching fish from where I was standing a few feet away moments before. I would ask if I could use his rod. No problem. Same result. When it comes to fishing, some people just have the feel, others don't. We were at the Jersey shore over the weekend and we went out crabbing with my father and Yun. I didn't participate because I was drawing. Crabbing is done by tying a little piece of chicken to a string and dropping it in the water. Every few minutes you pull up the string slowly to see if a crab is on there eating the chicken. You bring it slowly to the surface and then catch it with a net. Within two minutes my brother is up to his old tricks. They only seem to be where he is. Finally Yun caught a couple of big ones to break his little spell. Voodoo might work well for fishing but it's a little harder when it comes to crabbing.

Jun 24, 2010

Piano Man

A year ago Yun and I were in London. There were a hundred or so pianos randomly placed around the city. Anyone could sit and play them, rain or shine. It was a big hit and people loved it. There were many spontaneous sing-a-longs. Lots of news coverage. Well now they're doing it in Manhattan. There are two outside my office in a tiny little park in Tribeca. I sat out there one lunchtime and drew this nice girl playing. The best part of the drawing is her hair blowing. It was about to storm and the wind really picked up. The hair creates a nice tension in the scene. Her name was Tess, and she was a bit shy about approaching me but she finally did. I could tell she was surprised at the drawing. I wasn't quite done and I think she felt responsible. So without saying anything she sat down again and played for half an hour more. I think just for my drawing benefit. Of course I will send a high rez to her. She can then send it to all her admirers.

Jun 21, 2010

Sailing Over The Ocean Blue

I sat on a bulkhead staring at a row of sailboats at my parents yacht club. There are no yachts there by the way. In fact, there's only a handful of small boats. It's just fun to call their club a yacht club. A big part of drawing is deciding what to draw. There was lots of sailboats to choose from but I had to chose one that was at the right angle for me to draw. Taking in the size of my paper and the fact that there is a tall mast were all factors. If the boat was too much in profile then it gets too small on my page. The more front on the angle is, the better. I chose this because it was near my bulkhead seat and showed a little bit of side. I liked the window. I also dug the complexity of the trailer. This paper can't take watercolor so I could only color it with pencils. I gussied it up with one of my rubber stamp letters. Haven't used them in a while. Now I'll probably put them in every drawing until I get bored of them again.

Golfing Through Windmills

You would think there would be a lot to draw at a miniature golf course but there really isn't. Each angle wasn't providing me with decent information. There was of course, a giant elephant standing on the roof of the entrance where you paid. That I liked but surprisingly that was it. Not one person who passed looked at what I was doing. I think it's a Jersey thing. I'm sure everyone has seen the reality TV show, Jersey Shore. It's about a group of guidos who rent a house right on the beach in New Jersey. Here's the best part of the show, they never actually go to the beach. What they do is go to a tanning salon to get tan. Then they spend the rest of the day doing laundry and getting haircuts. No wonder no one was curious to watch an artist work right before their eyes. That would be like going to the beach and actually going to the beach.

Jun 20, 2010

Storm King Art Tour

Most people know I'm a decent artist but not everyone knows I'm a bit of an art history expert. Yes, you could say a savant. I can just look at a work of art and instantly tell you who the artist was. The strange thing about it is I've never really studied art history. It's not something I go around bragging about. I'm pretty humble about it. I took Yun to the Storm King Art Center. She was left speechless by the tour I gave her of the sculpture park. Here is a little taste for the rest of you.

Jun 13, 2010

Minetta Tavern

Recently I have become a drawing machine. I've been easily putting in four hours to make one drawing in the Hasidic neighborhoods. If you look back at my last ten drawings or so, I think you can see the effort. On Sunday I went drawing but only put in an hour and a half on this one. It's a bit different from my other full blow suckers. A lot of my originals are up for sale at my Etsy store if anyone is interested in a Kane original.

Jun 12, 2010

I'm Back

I went back to the Hasidic section of Brooklyn. It is pretty clear that I am known there now. A lot of the same characters came out of the woodwork to greet me. It was the usual show with a million people stopping by to see my magic trick of turning a white piece of paper into a drawing. This building is a synagogue. Hasidic crowds were all over me. Kids stacked 5 deep. Everyone jostling for a view. It takes a toll on me but it is so crazy and surreal, I can't help but go there. This time everyone kept saying the word, shine. At one point I asked a kid what shine meant and he said it meant, "nice". My first yiddish. A bit later, a bunch of people were telling me how much they liked my drawing. I said, "shine". They all laughed. At another point I drew a woman who was standing in one of the windows. She was reading a book. The kids went crazy with laughter. A guy stopped by and told me I had to take the woman out of the sketch. I couldn't draw her on the sabbath. I could draw every part of the building but no people and especially not the book. Out of respect, I crosshatched it out. Everyone was happy except the kids. That was their favorite part. It was the usual, everyone wanting my phone number and asking when am I coming back. They all ask what building am I going to draw next. In fact, I've already spotted a couple.

Jun 6, 2010

Wedding Vow

It is good to be friends with Tommy Kane. Here is Keith and Emily Haluska's wedding gift. It will be given to them nicely framed. It is Doyers street in Chinatown, Manhattan.

Jun 5, 2010

My Adidas

The other day I went into the Adidas store in Soho. I saw a really cool pair of sneakers that I just had to have. The salesperson told me it was part of a program where I could design my own pair from top to bottom. Anyone can choose their own colors for any section of the shoe and decide which parts you want leather or suede. I ccould even decide right down to the color of the thread. The best part is, I could embroider my name right on the side. Here is a photo of my pair just to make everyone jealous. If anyone wants a pair just go here. Even if you don't buy any it's fun to design your own to see what they would look like.