Feb 28, 2010


I joined this cool little website called Spraygraphic. You can see my stuff by going here. It's a great place to store your artwork. You can arrange things into categories. When you click on each folder, the artwork is displayed very large. There is something quite nice about it. I can't explain. You'll just have to check it out if you are an artist.

Feb 12, 2010

Monsters In Real Places

There is a groovy new blog called, Monsters in real places. Artists use a photo that they've taken and insert a monster into the scene. Then they write a little blurb about it. This is my submission. Some of them are very clever. My blurb is as follows: "Most tourists to New York City have seen the giant aggressive squirrel. He likes to shake down people in cars as they cross the bridges into Brooklyn. Mostly he is looking to steal pistachio nuts and graham crackers. Mayor Bloomberg has been pretty much hands off." I got an email back from the guy in charge of the blog when I submitted my piece. "Tommy, I must say - your contribution has definitely been my personal favorite of today's. Great work, I love the cute little sinister fellow. I'd love to see more contributions from you, great style - love the line work on some of your blog pieces. Best, Wayne Thayer."


I came across a cool thing on the web. Cool for artists anyway. It's a site called posemaniacs. You can activate a window where anatomically correct 3D men and women strike a different pose for 30 seconds. I've never been a life drawing class guy. This was fun because I could do it at my desk for a bit. I didn't have to really look at some naked old dude. Anyone whose gone to life drawing classes knows what I'm talking about. The cool thing is that some of the poses are from underneath, as if the person was standing on glass. It also got creepy at times. It would be as if some dude was squatting over me with his junk hanging in my face. I usually waited out those 30 seconds. There is also a free iphone app for posemaniac too. This way you can have a naked dude squat over you wherever you are. There are a total of 19,440 poses in total.

Feb 11, 2010


When is a drawing finished? I'm an artist that has to prove how good I am every time I put my pen to the paper. Draw every brick. Make sure I got every leaf. Is that a gum wrapper in the distance? Make sure it's in the sketch. At some point or another during one of my drawing marathons, a sketch starts to look pretty good. I often wonder, what if I just stopped now. This is pretty good as it is. I never stop though. I have a vision in my head of what something should eventually look like and I forge ahead. Drawing every blade of grass. The other day I was sketching with a pencil. Something I never do. The sketch was half done when I got called into a meeting. When I got back I thought it looked really good unfinished. Done. Just like that I played God and declared it "finished." The ability to say stop at some point is something I could work on a bit. I won't, but at least I wrote a blog post about it.

Feb 8, 2010

Korean girls

When I think of the greatest looking girls in the world, I must admit Korea was not on my radar. It wasn't until I ran into my wife that I started to notice Korean women. I've been to Italy, Spain, Prague, South Africa, Paris and Australia. Some of the hottest girls on the planet come from these joints. The only other great place that produces supermodels is Brazil. Never been there. I guess you can throw in Russia too. So I was quite shocked to see what was walking down the streets of Seoul. And I don't mean an occasional girl or two. I'm talking ninety percent of every girl on the street is amazing. What the hell is in that kimchi? Plus they dress better than girls in almost all other countries. It must be some secret supermodel society I've uncovered. If I was a model agent I'd be on a plane there tomorrow. You could start a model agency by just standing on the street and stopping the first twenty girls you see. Job done. If anyone is looking for an interesting place to visit. Look no further.