Jan 28, 2010


One day I borrowed Yun's laptop. I was waltzing through her bookmarks and came upon The Sartorialist. She had talked about it before. It's a blog by a guy who used to be in fashion. He photographs everyday people on the street, showcasing their clothes. For some strange reason it has become huge. You can see people leave hundreds of comments on each post. It gave me something to do, drawing a couple of the shots. I put two different shots together to form one sketch. I'm clever like that. If you are into fashion and want to see how freaks dress themselves, then this is the place for you. He should shoot me sometime because I always have some wacky getup on.

Jan 26, 2010

Flower Power

Most of the time my work doesn't show my sensitive side. I think I have one but I'm not really sure. Stuck once again in a place where the only thing to draw was this vase of flowers. Being the sensitive guy I am, I jumped at the chance to draw these suckers. Something happened while I was drawing them. Life. It was a Friday so the flowers were probably there for five days. Over time I was drawing I noticed the flowers were changing slightly. They ever so slowly were opening, drooping and bending. When I began to add color, all the flowers were in completely different positions. I showed people who were in the room what was happening. They were stunned by how much it had all changed in just an hour. It just goes to show you just how oblivious we are to our surroundings. Art has gotten me in touch with all that sensitive crap. I must be like, the most sensitive guy in the world.

Jan 20, 2010

Mousy Girl

Another experiment. I saw a box of Pilot neo gel ballpoint pens. Wanted to see if I could draw with one. Took a sheet of xerox paper. Doodled and whalah. This appeared. A drawing of a girl. It happened very quickly with very little thought, like most everything I do in life. As you can see there are 2 versions. After I did the first, I started to color in the background red. So I did a little red version also. Couldn't decide which one I liked better.

Jan 18, 2010

The Insider

Yun and I travel to a lot of countries. It's usually for a week or ten days. In that time you can get a nice feel of a place but you can't truly know it. My time in Seoul was eye opening because I was able to spend about five weeks. With the help of friends I was able to really get inside the city. I was quite surprised to find out just how much I love being there. I even told Yun I could live there someday. She looked at me a little funny but it's true. The food is out of this world. The people are gorgeous and I stick out like a looney bird. If I loved it so much when it was 10 degrees, I imagine I would go crazy in the spring time. I'm really hoping to finagle some other trips to my new favorite place.

Skateboard Culture

I have a young friend that I occasionally make stickers and logos for. He lives in London and is quite rad. He's also an amazing skateboarder who breaks his arm every other week. No, he really does break it every other week. Recently he approached me to do a sticker and t-shirt. His idea was to do the words Bull Sh t. No i between the h and t. No problem for me. I did this stuff when I was 10 years old all the time. I know how to do it. This is the design I came up with. You all may not think too much of it but ask any 12 year old and they will tell you otherwise. Substituting doodie for the i was my idea. Kids love that kind of detail. In fact they go crazy for it. That's what separates my dementedness from others. In the land of 12 year old's I am a God.

Jan 16, 2010


When I posted my Korea video it got talked about on a lot of other blogs and sites. Just wanted to thank everyone for the mentions. Also, Escape into Life did an interview on me. It's actually pieced together from a very old interview. It's still pretty cool. The illustrations look good. I'll take what I can get.

Jan 2, 2010

Jets Jets Jets

There are 2 reasons that people buy new flat screen televisions. One, to watch movies on blu-ray and second, NFL football. The last 2 weekends have been a bonanza of playoff excitement. Tom Brady and Tony Romo got their asses kicked. Yeah. It's been quite awesome on my 46" Samsung LCD. The best of all though has been the shocking rise of the lowly New York Jets. After years of watching the Mets, Knicks and Jets lose, it's a strange feeling to watch a team actually win. I knew they could beat the Bengals but I was stunned when they beat the Chargers on the road. The Colts will be tough but I have hope. My Tv will be ready.