Sep 14, 2010

Oyster Farming

We arrived at the French town on Cancale at low tide. The sight is quite jarring because the tide seems to go out for miles. All that is left is the boats without any water. They're all anchored and laying on their sides. Strange looking indeed. The next thing you notice is farm tractors driving around out on the wet sand. They are pulling large open trailers behind them. Later you find out that they are harvesting the fresh oysters and mussels. At the end of the little village is a lighthouse. There you can find tiny little farmer's market stalls, about 6 in all. They are selling and shucking fresh oysters for the locals and tourists. In 2 days we ate 8 dozen. Everyone just sits by the stone wall overlooking the beach and eats their very inexpensive oysters and then tosses the shells over the side. Their is a big mountain of them that gets swept out to sea when the tide comes back in. It was an amazing and exciting spectacle. Even my mom, who doesn't eat raw oysters, had a few.


Helen Ström said...

I just love Bretagne (Brittany)!! Nice to see you enjoy it too.

Ronald S. said...

Eating raw animals is not for me , but it's probably interesting to the a oyster farm.

kane said...

I hope to return someday.