Aug 28, 2010

Port Of Montreal

There is a very groovy feature about Montreal. It is the port located along the waterway right next to the heart of the old part of the city. There are huge abandoned factories that used to handle large grain shipments. They feel like the old abandoned steel mills of America. Urban decay is a great thing to draw and photograph. I drew this early one morning before the city awoke. The thing I like most is the graffiti. How do kids paint their name on the sides of these buildings? It is so dangerous to be hanging off the sides of these structures. Dink and Hise are crazy.


Jen Appel said...

I work not far from there - I often wonder as well just how did dink get up there. Gotta admire the effort, though.

kane said...

Dink is like Spiderman.

Jen Appel said...

Poor Dink has been power-washed away.