Aug 29, 2010


I now have a bike. Butch Belair and I are bike mates. One Saturday he took me riding along the Hudson River on the west side of Manhattan. I was shocked to discover just how fixed up it has become. You don't notice it from a car driving along the same route on the westside highway. Much of it is hidden below away from the view of car traffic. Butch showed me this structure sticking out of the water around 50th street. I couldn't believe this existed. Although I've driven by here a thousand times in a car, I'd never seen it before. We sat and drew but really we were resting because we rode about 30 miles that day.


Cheism said...

lovely drawing :)

art is jokken said...

Just checked Urban Sketchers and found this stunning drawing! Really very good, I prefer personally B&W stuff.

Ben said...

this is REALLY nice. such an interesting looking building. i'm going back to NY at easter i'm gonna hunt this place down.

kane said...

It's there.

Anonymous said...

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