Jul 26, 2010

Something From Nothing

There are times when I want to draw but I am somewhere that literally offers me nothing. One weekend Yun and I took her niece to the bay near my parent's beach house. I drew the kid's bike but then I was stumped. Nothing else was around so I really had to reach into my bag of tricks to try and make something happen. Don't get me wrong, there were a few little bits of garbage around but nothing that will help me make an interesting piece. I started to draw every stupid little thing and then labeling them. I whipped out the old colored pencils and started to work my magic. The finished work is nothing that I set out to do. It happened because I was in a creative box and had to crawl out somehow and this is the result.


kane said...

First time I got no comment in a long time. It got lots on Urban Sketcher and Facebook. Also got over a 100 hits on flickr.

Tina D said...

Cool drawing. LOL I love the label "Old Broad". I'll be sure to come back and see what you draw next.

Thank you
Tina D. Fermin
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