May 18, 2010

Tea Garden

People love to visit tourist spots when they travel. They don't always do it where they live. Ask New Yorkers if they've been to the Statue of Liberty. Most likely they will say no. I have a lot of cousins who live in Ireland. When I was there once I asked my cousin Jack if he ever goes to see the Blarney Stone which is not far from his home. He said, "why would anyone want to see that?" He also said that kids break into it at night. They climb up and pee all over the wall. They laugh thinking about the stupid tourists hanging upside down kissing it. Yun and I have lived for two years in Brooklyn. I'd never been to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. In the back of my mind, I always thought it was some touristy joint. On Saturday I asked Yun if she wanted to go. It was such a groovy place. I loved it. There is a great Japan garden when you first step in. I drew this sitting inside a little gazebo. Masses of school kids crowded around me. They all whined when their teacher said they had to leave me. It is definitely a place I will return to, as a local not a tourist.


Blake Himsl Hunter said...

nice piece. My wife and I try to go to one tourist spot a month (weather permitting). We like botanical gardens a lot, next time we go I'll remember to bring my sketch book instead of just my camera!

kane said...

That's what I'm talking about.

Stacey D said...

Looks like a great view!
I am bad too - I rarely go to touristy spots where I live. I live in Austin Texas and have never been to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center even though it is not far from my house. I have however been to the Blue Bell Creamery in Brenham Texas. Who wouldn't want to go there?!

kane said...

Might want to check out that Lady bird center. Sounds good.

Pascal said...

i'm a big fan of your sketches
i've had the chance to see the original spot.
it's called miyajima and it's of course in japan. it's a God island in front of Hiroshima.
it is a peacefull and beautifull place!

Anonymous said...

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