Jan 18, 2010

The Insider

Yun and I travel to a lot of countries. It's usually for a week or ten days. In that time you can get a nice feel of a place but you can't truly know it. My time in Seoul was eye opening because I was able to spend about five weeks. With the help of friends I was able to really get inside the city. I was quite surprised to find out just how much I love being there. I even told Yun I could live there someday. She looked at me a little funny but it's true. The food is out of this world. The people are gorgeous and I stick out like a looney bird. If I loved it so much when it was 10 degrees, I imagine I would go crazy in the spring time. I'm really hoping to finagle some other trips to my new favorite place.


joseph's art and stuff said...

the flight over and back are the only things i didn't like about my trips to korea. while i was there i found it hard to get someone to shave my head. my wife's sister owns a beauty shop and she wouldn't cut it down for me. she said, that it would make me look like a criminal. loved this korean series!

kane said...

or a buddhist.

JeffKevlar said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your time over here. My wife and I (neither of us Koreans) have been here in Korea a couple of months shy of two years. We plan on staying a third.

Its a great place to live and it has given us many opportunities we would never have been able to enjoy if we had stayed back in Canada.

Anonymous said...

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Alya Mark said...

Hey, your drawings are great. I'll visit to check them out whenever I can.
And thanks for coming to my blog:)

Anonymous said...

Like this piece "korean air".
Did u draw it from life or from a picture?
Particularly like the background colour - is it watercolour?
I too believe Koreans r a beautiful race.

Also liked your sketches of Austria: Vienna & Salzburg.
Love the actual places too.
Oh, and waiting at traffic lights felt absurd for me too!
Germany is the same. Actually, in Frankfurt someone told me I was setting a bad example for the children when I just walked on across.
They were standing there smoking.

Found u through on-my-desk.com
like ur illustration best,
keep it up.

BFA Student, Sydney, Australia.