Jan 26, 2010

Flower Power

Most of the time my work doesn't show my sensitive side. I think I have one but I'm not really sure. Stuck once again in a place where the only thing to draw was this vase of flowers. Being the sensitive guy I am, I jumped at the chance to draw these suckers. Something happened while I was drawing them. Life. It was a Friday so the flowers were probably there for five days. Over time I was drawing I noticed the flowers were changing slightly. They ever so slowly were opening, drooping and bending. When I began to add color, all the flowers were in completely different positions. I showed people who were in the room what was happening. They were stunned by how much it had all changed in just an hour. It just goes to show you just how oblivious we are to our surroundings. Art has gotten me in touch with all that sensitive crap. I must be like, the most sensitive guy in the world.


Arty Velarde said...

This is great tommy! On urban sketchers you didn't leave your name. I only knew it was you by the comment someone left. It is very different subject for you but wonderful to see. Thanks!

Gillian said...

I like men who are in touch with their feminine side - LOL.
This is certainly a sensitive painting - still very much your wonderful style though.
By the way, try tulips next - they actually carry on growing after being cut - great for a time-lapse painting.

Geninne said...

These are absolutely amazing Tommy! They instantly took my breath away :)

travelingsuep said...

Fabulous. very brave to be soooo sensitive in public too. I just came here from USk blog, so you are showing your sensitive side everywhere. Seriously, you are right about how unobservant we are.

A beautiful painting.

Irina said...

First I thought that I mistaked the name of the author. Then I started reading (I love the written part of your posts same as I love your paintings). Tommy, it is such a pleasure to be the follower of your blog, very talented artist with brains, humour and sensitive soul:-))

JRonson said...

Wow u r very talented, nice one !

kane said...

I see the ladies really love this post.

Anonymous said...

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Rico said...

This is a georgeous piece... awesome drawing.

stef walker said...

Hi there, sorry to post on your blog, but I really like your work and wanted to send you an email with a few questions-I don't have a .mac account for your 'contact me' link to work. Could you post your email address on here please? Thanks very much :) Stef Walker

kane said...


Sheila E. said...

Aaaawww just in time for Valentine, your sweetie is going to be so happy.
It's beautiful and us girls like a sensitive guy!

Tracey said...

I love your blog. Gorgeous flower painting!

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kane said...

Wow. Someone gave me a flower spam. Very impressive. A sensitive spam.

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kane said...

More flower spam. these valentine flower dudes are on it. Much repsect.

Μαριανα said...

what a beautiful work :)

i thought i would see you in deviantart too, but no. How so?

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Irina said...

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