Aug 26, 2009


First off, this is my 500th blog post. A lot of energy goes into coming up with all that nonsense I write about. Butch Belair and I went to the High Line in Manhattan to draw. There was old abandoned elevated train tracks on the westside. It looked like a highway in the sky. Someone had the bright idea to make it into a park. It's quite stunning. Butch and I sat on these big rows of benches that lead down to an overpass above 10th avenue. They cut big holes and put in glass so people can watch the cars and pedestrians go by. It's very cool. We were sitting just below the walkway. As you can imagine, once our drawings started to take shape, hundreds of people would look down over our shoulders to see what we were up to. We had to draw under constant scrutiny. At one point there was a large group standing two feet above our heads. One really loud lady was commenting to the group about my sketching. She said and I quote. "Look at how he's drawing. He draws EXACTLY like me, with a pen on paper." The sun was beating down on our necks. Got me a nice farmer tan. We had over picture taken by tons of tourists. If only they knew the drawing was for my 500th post. The lady probably has a blog EXACTLY like mine too.

The Lowly Mets

My cousin Eileen sent me these cool photos of my squirrel sticker. Some of her nutty relatives happen to be vandals. They were nice enough to graffiti the subway stop at the Mets new stadium. I'm not sure if there are too many fans actually going to the games anymore this year. For those of you who don't follow baseball, that's because every single guy on the team is injured. No joke. The New York Mets are now comprised of a few local high school players. So for the ten or twelve people who happen to go to a game keep an eye out for the squirrel.

New Book

I'm in a new book called, Creative Grab bag. It was done by Ethan Bodner. He gave artists a task to do that was very different from their usual kind of work. I had to do a sculpture. If you want to read about him go here. You can purchase it at Amazon. The photo of the head with a plant growing out of it is my sculpture.

Aug 18, 2009

Long Ago In A Galaxzy Far Away

I recently met up with a childhood friend. We found each other on Facebook. My family moved after I was in high school so I lost track of all my old childhood mates. Doug works in the music industry so he took me to a show at the Mercury Lounge in Manhattan. First we ate at the famous Katz deli and had a lot of laughs. He filled me in on all that happened since I left the hood. He told me who got in trouble with the cops or went to jail, who married big fat slobs, who turned out to be tramps and who croaked. I love that kind of stuff. He knew everything. There was a kid who lived by us who apparently was claustrophobic. Dougie said one time we were playing nerf basketball in his backyard. His garage door was half open and the ball rolled into the garage. The claustrophobic kid went in to get it. Dougie said I closed the door and locked him in. I of course, don't remember any of this. He said the kid went crazy. He took a snow shovel from inside the garage and smashed one of the tiny windows out. Then he jumped through and squeezed himself out of the tiny opening with the broken glass and all. I told Dougie it sounded straight out of the movie, Jackass. We had a laugh about it. At least that was one day as kids we weren't getting our ass kicked by some older douche bags.

Aug 17, 2009


This is one of the most famous landmarks in the New York City area. You've seen it in a million movies. The camera pans along the street and suddenly you see the the towering Manhattan bridge at the end of the block. Francis Ford Coppola's, Once upon a time in America, for example. As I was drawing this, hundreds tourists came by to gawk and take pictures. Every guide book on the planet must say to go to this exact spot and take a photo of yourself. I must admit it is pretty cool. The problem for me is that I become the tour guide. The guy sitting in the middle of the street with his folding chair is the person everyone asks for directions. Excuse me, where is Water Street? Do you know where the flea market is? Of course, I help everyone. Most take a real interest in my art also. It's fun to be where all the action is sometimes. This was one of those days.

Aug 14, 2009


I watched hours and hours of cartoons as a kid. Unlike the way people think, I was not just mindlessly staring at the tube. What I was doing was studying carefully how it was done. The brilliant writing and great gags. I was studying the editing and timing of the routines. Today in my job of coming up with clever ads, I still reach back into the old bag of tricks I learned studying Bugs Bunny, Felix the Cat, George of the Jungle, Huckleberry Hound, and Tennessee Tuxedo. These great cartoons were made by adults who were trying to crack themselves up as well as little kids. So today when I watch a little Spongebob, I can can see the care and genius that goes into it. Right now millions of little artists of the future are staring at LCD flatscreens preparing themselves for a life of creativity.

Aug 11, 2009

Gennine Z

Gennine Zlatkis asked if I could do her portrait. Uppercase magazine is doing a feature on her. Being such an interesting artist, she was fun to draw. I tried to incorporate some of the work she does into it. I did it at work in a moleskine notebook because it was all I had available. So there was extensive retouching to get rid of the spine. Somehow I managed to accomplish it.

Aug 10, 2009


Yun and I traveled to Massachusetts this weekend to visit an old friend of hers. Most of our time was spent in the car. Plenty more rain and traffic. We stayed on another lake and did some kayaking. I did another of my sketches of twigs and berries.

Aug 6, 2009

Super Fan

A fan of my work on Facebook did a little tribute piece of art for me. It really cracked me up. I just had to post it. His name is Raoul Widman. He owns a little 8 inch squirrel. So he photographed it and mad a cool little piece for me. I love it. His website is on the artwork if anyone wants to check him out.