Jan 31, 2009

Viva Brazil

Christina Andrews sent me a photo of one of my stickers in San Paulo, Brazil. The words say, "who's coming?" Tommy Kane, of course.

Jan 22, 2009

My Spot

My commercial has something to do with a rain forest. That's all I'll divulge at this time. There were tons of wild plants and flowers on the set. At the end I was able to take home some nice flowers and a groovy plant for Yun. The spoils of advertising.


I'm in the midst of doing a tv commercial. Finally I could do a bit of drawing on the set. The first thing that caught my eye was this dude. After I showed my sketch to him, we started chatting. He has an unusual last name and the only other person I could think of with it is Andrew Zimmern. He told that Andrew was his cousin. He's the guy on the food network who eats all of the bizarre foods. My friend Drew and I said he must have been the kind of kid who always took dares. He said yes. Once when they were little kids he said they asked Anthony to jump across a glass coffee table. Of course he missed and cracked his head open. He also said he was very smart as a little kid too.

Jan 21, 2009

Lost And Found

In high school, my best friend was Timmy Valcante. Somewhere along the way in life I lost touch with him. He never left my mind though. i would think about him all the time. Recently I have reunited with my beautiful cousin Eileen. She was someone else I lost also. Turns out Eileen married a guy from my high school who stayed in touch with a guy who still knew the whereabouts of my friend Timmy. I got the guy's number and started out to track down Valcante's number. The problem was, the guy who had the number was never home. I called day and night. I'd try at odd hours but nothing worked. I was relentless. Finally one night Danny answered his phone, it had taken two months. Although we didn't know each other that well in high school, he remembered me. He did indeed have my friend Timmy's number. Dan and I spent an hour telling stories and cracking each other up. Finally I had my old friend's number in my hand. It was amazing and scary. I waited a few days before I called. It's never easy calling someone out of the blue. I cracked open a cold Red Stripe beer and dialed the number. His daughter answered and I told her I was an old pal of her dad. He came on the line and a great reunion began. It took a minute or two and then the stories flowed like a Sam Kinison concert. It was an incredible and healing experience for both of us. I had always been thinking and worrying about what happened to him and he was doing the same. We filled each other in on what happened to us. He married an old friend of mine from high school. Dolores. I was thrilled two great people who I dug so much found each other. Now we are back in each others life. Hopefully for good. I felt a whole lot better about the world waking up this morning.

Jan 19, 2009


I'm off to a rocky start drawing this year. I was posting at a clip of three times a week for over three years now, maybe more. this is the first time I've been so overwhelmed at work that it has cut into my drawing. I do anticipate breaking out of this little slump. SO please don't worry about not enough posts happening here. This is some new drawings from my little subway drawings book I keep in my winter coat.

Jan 17, 2009

Big Hit

People have been getting my stickers in droves. They have been a huge success. I am getting photos and compliments from all over the world. I'm sorry I haven't been posting at my usual high pace. I am involved in a few big projects at work but I will get back on it soon.

Jan 10, 2009

Stickers Arrived

My stickers finally arrived and they are pretty amazing. I've been sticking them all over the place. If anyone wants any, just send me an email at tom@tommykane.com and I will send you some free of charge. Just leave me your home address. Then you can annoy your neighbors by sticking them all over your neighborhood. Soon they'll be showing up around the world. Pollute a neighborhood near you.

Jan 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Just finished up a wild year. I hope everyone is doing good. I'm off to a good start and we can all be thankful that George Bush will be out of our lives. Happy friggin New Year.