Dec 5, 2009

I'm Your Fan. No, I'm your fan

The other day I got a fantastic email. All it said was, "I really enjoy your sketches. Please check out mine. Lorenzo." OK, I'll check out your little sketches. Turns out Lorenzo is Lorenzo Fonda, a director. I began to delve into his work and quickly realized I had just bumped into a kind of genius. The more I watched of his films, the more I got sucked in and fascinated by this dude. Could someone be this clever and smart and original and unique. Well I guess so. I didn't write him back for a few days because I kept returning to his site and discovering more gems. Check out Alfa Romeo - sloth and Converse in his commercials section. Watch Bernard Fleischmann in his Music video section. And of course you must watch, ten things I have learned about the sea. He has a film coming out called, Megunica Documentrip. It stars one of the greatest artists of our generation. Blu. I've spoken about him before. Lorenzo actually knows this dude. I'm in awe. Fianlly I get around to looking at his sketches. this guy can do no wrong. His drawings have such a distinctive style. They are so funny that he makes me jealous of his talent. I just wanted to give him a shout out and turn everyone on to his work. Feel free to write him a little note. He loves to hear from people.


Ron said...

WOW! Thanks for sharing.

Blake Himsl Hunter said...

Ok, that made my day and half...awesome work.

kane said...

That guy's good, huh.

Bosselerfrpu said...

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