Dec 9, 2009

If You Think I'm Sexy

There is a groovy blog called, Sexy People. It is a place where people post old photos of themselves. Not just any old photos but terribly embarrassing shots from years gone by. Bad poses, awful clothes and shameful hairdo's. It is very popular. One visit and you can see why. I was inspired to do this little drawing which I colored in photoshop.


Gillian said...

LOL - those are fabulous but scary. Thanks for the link.

kane said...

It's an amazing Link. Look at all the followers.

Anonymous said...

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ksklein said...

That site is suo funny, some pics are even scary! ;9

kane said...

it's addictive.

Stacey D said...

OMG!! Thanks for this! I think this is my new goto site when I need a good laugh!!