Nov 28, 2009

One Way Out

People in Korea are super polite. In fact, they are over the top polite. The streets in Seoul are very narrow. Only one car can fit through. Plus there is no sidewalks, so people have to squeeze along walls and buildings to let cars pass. Now this is the amazing part. They are NOT one way streets. You can drive in any direction you want. So picture being in a car winding up and down these tiny hilly streets avoiding folks walking and all of a sudden you are faced with an oncoming car. What happens each time is this polite little dance. One person must decide to back up and turn down a little alley allowing the other car to pass. Each time the driver rolls down the window to bow and wave thanks to the other driver for doing the good deed. I was totally blown away by all this activity. This could never be possible in any other country I've been in. And especially never in New Jersey. The fact that this all works so seamlessly says a lot about the people of Korea. Just what it says, I'm not sure. That they are all insane or unique and special. My vote is for special.


Yun said...

this could actually be the corner where my parents lived -- very nostalgic for my old hometown.


Ron said...

Very cool to hear about this. I hope to visit Korea someday. Your story reminded me of when I visited South Devon in England. The country lanes there are one lane with tall hedges on either side. Drivers, both of cars and farm machinery, were very courteous. No bowing though.

Cheism said...

I love the amount of powerlines you can find in Asia, and there is certain charm to the narrow alleyways!

kane said...

Power lines are my favorite thing to draw.

Anonymous said...

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dominique eichi said...

Such a vibrant piece. Did you paint it on location too ? Love that sky and the story makes me want to go there . THanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

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Sarasarasarato said...

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Melinda Bilecki said...

Love, love, love this!!!

larry said...

...says a lot about the people of Korea. Just what it says, I'm not sure.
Fewer cars..
Not to take away from their politeness which I'm certain the Korean people have in abundance, but no amount of politeness would make a system like that work in a place with as many cars per capita as there are in New Jersey, a sad reality that I am reminded more so now during the holiday season.
Great drawing as always.

kane said...

Cars are a real problem. American eat too much and own too many vehicles.

girlingearstudio said...

I love the powerlines! Really awesome and interesting composition...

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