Oct 12, 2009


Last night Danny Gregory and I went to the Bowery Bar and drew with his talented son Jack. I've watched Jack steadily improve his artistic ability over the years. Lately though, it's been a different story. He seems to vastly improved every few weeks. I've not seen anything like it before. Everything he does is far beyond his age. I paled in comparison when I was in his grade. I chose to do a caricature of him as my drawing subject.
I got a nice e-mail from an old college classmate, Michael Gelen. Thought I would share it.

Tom, quick story: I'm teaching an illustration class at Daemen College in Buffalo. We're getting ready to do a caricature assignment, so I'm putting together a Powerpoint presentation of great caricature art- Al Hirschfeld, David Levine, Philip Burke, etc. and during my internet searching I come across one Tommy Kane - some wonderful caricatures of Hillary and John McCain on notebook paper. Hope you don't mind, I threw them in the mix. BTW, you've probably heard it a billion times, but your sketchbook posts have inspired me to put down the digital stylus now and then and get back to pencils, pens and paper. Great, great stuff.


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Tom, I am a fan, an artist and art teacher. Funny to read that guys email. I too taught at Daemen college in Buffalo NY. I now teach Junior High in Missouri. Most of the time I draw from imagination but been a little burned out lately. I was inspired to go back to observational site drawing after the vid of you riding around Redhook on your single speed. Thanks for posting. Sincerely, Chris Mostyn