Sep 14, 2009

Jesus Saves

A huge part of Lebanon is Christian, something like 40 percent. They are not just run of the mill Christians, they are serious-assed Christians. Christ actually hung out in Lebanon. He was walking all through the little towns doing groovy miracles and what not. The apostles dug hanging out there too. Jesus even turned the water into wine and the bread into pate in the Lebanese town of Cana. The blessed virgin, Jesus and various saints dot the roadsides into the various Christian towns. They live in little monuments that are all lit up at night. Some towns like Byblos have churches and Mosques side by side. Religion is everywhere. They make our Christian conservatives look like a bunch of Satan worshippers. I sat and drew this Mosque in the blazing sun. Yun was going down from heat stroke but I battled through it to do this sketch. It is the oldest town in the world, 5000 BC. Lebanese love people who can draw. Tons would gather to watch me. I was a big hit. This town was also a fishing village with a lovely little port. We got there at sunset. It was glorious. The town had one of the nicest restaurants I ever saw. Old and authentic. The funny part was that it was a Mexican restaurant. When Yun and I went through customs to leave, the official could see we were tourists and he said to Yun that a bunch of people from Mexico had just gone through. Yun and I laughed but we still can't figure out the whole Mexican connection there.


Anonymous said...

Ha, what nice Catholic school boy you are! Going to where the apostles hung and and with the groovy miracles and all. WWSMR say? (That would be Sister Mary Ruth, my 6th grade teacher.)

You guys are much braver than I, I would be pretty afraid to go to that area of the mideast; I'm happy to enjoy it through your drawings, though. Carry on!

~ Peggasus

Yun said...

we saw more churches than when we were in Rome.


Geninne said...

There is a HUGE Lebanese community here in Mexico, maybe that's the Mexican connection :) Lots of amazing middle eastern restaurants.