Sep 13, 2009

I'm Back

Yun and I took an interesting vacation. We went to Lebanon. Not your typical trip to Disneyworld in Florida. I went there not knowing what to expect. It's probably the reason no one travels there in the first place. We couldn't even find a guide book in the states. Off we went without a care in the world. Traveling to strange places excites Yun and I. Lebanon did not disappoint. I shot a bunch of film so at some point I'll put a little film together. There is something nice about a place where no tourists go. Everywhere we went Yun and I were the only tourists. Especially up in the mountains. Yun read somewhere that there are only 50 Koreans in the country. You can imagine everyone's shock when number 51 arrived with a shaved head skinny little Irish artist dude in tow. I will say one thing about Lebanon. They LOVE guys who can draw on the street. I was treated like gold there. In fact in some small towns in the country I truly believe I could become mayor. That's how much they love artists. No lie.


Sandy Sze said...

Nice sketches and nice story :)

kane said...

More to come.

MarceloJ Bresciani said...

Nice cacation Tommy! Well come back!

eda said...




Absolutely Small said...

How exciting! I can't wait to see some photos/film on this. (Not that your drawings aren't enough. But Lebanon! What is that like?)

joseph's art and stuff said...

wow, lebanon... very cool, can't wait to see more. my wife is korean, and is a little scared to go anywhere but korea.

excellent drawings!