Jun 29, 2009

My Store Is Open

Finally. It only took me five years but it has happened. My store is finally open. In fact, someone discovered it while I was in the middle of getting it ready and they actually bought five prints. There are a lot of things for sale. Many beautiful prints of my famous drawings. Each is embossed, then stamped with my Korean chop, signed and numbered. Also there are some originals for sale too. Everything is very reasonably priced. I believe in affordable art for the people. Please check back occasionally because I will be putting up new artwork on a frequent basis. All my work looks great framed and matted. Don't be afraid to give one as a gift. Your friends and family will think you are a high roller, when in fact you are a cheapskate. Don't be afraid to just browse. You can just go to my blog and click on the store button. It's right under the squirrel holding a handgun. When you are at my blog check out my new header. It was created by a brilliant intern working at my ad agency. If you are impatient and can't wait you can go directly to my new store. By the way, I do ship to anywhere in the world.


Geninne said...

Just got me some official Tommy Kane goodies :) Congratulations and much success!

Andrea said...

I just bought two originals! Yay! I am so happy. I am going to frame them so Hillary is crazy-laugh-pointing at Palin. Thanks TK!

SarahGaunt said...

Just about to check out your store but before I do I must admire this brilliant drawing! Great stuff :D

Craig said...

Hi Tommy. Great to see your store up and running.

Wanted to check to see if you intended to sell the Red Hook fire station picture anytime soon

Its one of my favs of your work.

Look forward to further updates

Christina said...

Lots of luck with your new store, but I'm sure you won't need it. Can you ship your stuff to Brazil? I would be very tempeted to buy it.

kane said...

I ship to anywhere in the world. No problem.

Christina said...

Thanks Tommy. I bought the "Bologna Shutters". I’ve been there some years ago. This will be a self-present for my birthday.

kate b. said...


kane said...

A few people bought that one.

Jochini said...

nice works!

aminsaim said...

I think I might be your first customer from malaysia. More original painting for sale if possible..

Clouds said...

congrats on the store. i ordered a couple. happy times!

kane said...

The store is kicking ass. I'm pleased with the response.

srydruhedtjfd said...


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