Jun 13, 2009

John Woolley

One of my fans happens to be a forth grader named John Woolley. He has very early in life decided to be an artist. When he first contacted me to have a look at his drawings, I thought they were very nice. Little did I know that he was 9 years old. When I found that out I must say I was shocked. He is way way way better than I was at his age. Trust me, I drew all the time too. He just has what it takes. His skill level just continues to improve. He is someone we can all look up to. Take a look at more of his work on Flickr. Recently he made a little zine and he was nice enough to send me one. It was amazing. He seems to write to many artists he likes and most all of them have written back to him. This internet thing is nice. He is greatly influenced by the amazing Dan Price. Keep it going John.


kate b. said...

holy crap. that is fantastic! i did not have that kind of patience/eye for anythign when i was his age. what a great inspiration.

kane said...

He's good.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Yep I'm a John Woolley fan too, and also proud to get one of his zines... along with a signed print of his t-rex drawing... it is AWESOME in person. He is indeed a talented young man, that we all need to keep an eye on.

Anonymous said...

Amazing...old soul, young mind...inspirering!

joseph's art and stuff said...

i've been seeing his work on 'skineart for a while now, great stuff, he is one to watch.

Margaret Ann said...

Yep he is awesome...I follow John also...and I know he is a HUGE fan of yours! :)

Ruslan said...

Nice art. I like this one.

John Woolley said...

If anybody reads this- I have a blog on blogger now. You are more than welcome to come see it, and invite all your friends. Thank-you, John Woolley

喜洋洋 said...