Jun 4, 2009

El Ancient One

I get a lot of fan mail but recently I received the best letter by fan. Try and top this one. Greetings from The Ancient One. Hello Tommy, It was while on a soul searching adventure through cyberspace that i was guided by spirit to find your bliss. Your site is an engaging and enchanting reflection of the self. The blossom of your being is such as to inspire, for you have much to be proud of. I honor what you have accomplished and admire that which you aspire to. Know that your life and work are respected. Thank you for sharing the beauty of who you are for by doing so you embrace the living essence of creation. I wish you a journey of peace and possibility which takes your soul to new heights. May you build a bridge of joy to a garden of peace and prosperity as you live your dreams and may you live your life to its fullest as you make your way to a blissful state of eternal happiness. Yours in Harmony with Earth and Sky.
Micheal Teal, The Ancient One, Poet, CyberShaman and Spiritual Consultant.


meng said...

that is serious!

Annie said...

Thanks for following my blog. I love these last two city pieces, particularly that raised motorway and also the Gaudi one which I had seen on Urban Sketchers.

Tommy Kane said...

This is some serious stuff.

Joel Cooper said...

nice message!
great drawing

free[k]hand said...

great, great drawing

Gabrielle said...

This drawing is phenomenal. My eyes nearly fell out of my head when I saw it.

Anonymous said...


Hi there, im a long term fan of your site. I'm wondered if you would consider exchanging links with my website, for us both to gain a higher page rank in search engines (google, yahoo, msn)
To both gain more traffic!

Your website is relevant to mine and would benefit us both :-D

Contact me back asap, much appreciated

Charlie x

larry said...

Congrats on producing something worthy of receiving such a letter. I've received countless letters from members of various royal families seeking my assistance in recovering funds from their bank accounts. I've even been offered a percentage of their total worth for my troubles, but this is above and beyond!

Tommy Kane said...

No problem Charlie just let me know how to contact you.

That's funny stuff Larry.

kate b. said...

haha what an incredibly wordy letter! its always inspiring though, to receive such loving encouragement from strangers.

love the drawing, not so much the traffic on the bqe

Caio Fernandes said...

all the time i come to your blog i get impressed with the last work you have posted . but this one is realy magnific.

Tommy Kane said...

I impressed myself on this one also.

stefan said...

Haha, it should have ended with "Boomshanka".

It's from an old comedy series called The Young Ones and means 'May the seed of your loin be fruitful in the belly of your woman'. Here's a link...


PatchworkGirl said...

Wow that's one lovely letter and I like your drawing. the colours are very bright :)

. said...

The Ancient one is a very good letter writer.

Mattias said...

Love the use of space in this one

Andrea said...

I really enjoy how much sky you left here, it really creates a nice sense of space.

Madison said...

Awesome Painting. I like your work. By the way I like Print Art works very much.

Anonymous said...


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