Jun 12, 2009

All In The Family

A year or two ago, one of my long lost cousins found me. Most of you don't know that I was lost, but I was. Recently her son got married. Tons of my cousins were there. Some I hadn't seen in thirty years. I quickly realized they are all out of their minds. No exceptions. All the boys are named Tommy and all of the girls are named Eileen. I guess it makes it easy when you have a kid. It makes the naming the kid problem non existent. I was surrounded by drunken retards. Most look like leprechauns. The most disturbing part was that I felt very much at home. They get all my stupid humor, which makes me act more stupid. Which in turn makes them act even more stupid then I've just been acting so then I have to act even stupider then them again. You get the idea. Now we are constantly e-mailing each other and planning to hang out more. Now that I have my membership card back there is no getting out. I'm back in for the long haul. The lesson is: it's good to have a demented family.


LitPark said...

Absolutely love all your new drawings. You're on fire.

Please do an MC Hammer type dance video next!

dominique eichi said...

yea but it's the sense of humor that makes all good ! Great twisted giraffe ! is your family part of the long necks ?

Lost In Wonder said...

Great sketch, as always.

kane said...

MC Hammer is coming up.

Anonymous said...

Received by G Raff. Finally got it.
Ed Beard

kane said...

It's like a subliminal message.

Andrea said...

This one makes me happy!

Anonymous said...

You're amazingly skilled - I love, love, LOVE your drawings...and you're very funny, positive and kind.

Hope you can still squeeze through the door ;-) - but from what I've seen of your blog (yea, I've been a lurker) you won't let my compliments go to your head.

Hope you don't mind that I've added you to my blogroll.

Timmy said...

Excellent stuff. Thanks for sharing. I too like the African Art very much.

喜洋洋 said...