May 6, 2009

Philly Cheese Art

Yun took me to Philadelphia. She wanted to see something called the Barnes collection. This was Greek to me. I've come to learn that some dude named Albert Barnes bought more important paintings than any human on earth at the turn of the century. He developed some antiseptic product that made him very rich. He then set out to buy every Picasso, Monet, Degas, Matisse, Renoir, Manet, Modigliani in sight. He has like 20 of each. He used to hang them in his factory so the workers could enjoy fine art. There were even art classes that his factory workers were required to take. A guy with interesting ideas indeed. At some point he bought an arboretum to house all this stuff. He hung everything in a quirky kind of order. It is piled high on every square inch of walls in room after room. The art is probably worth a zillion dollars. I read that during the depression he bought one of the Picasso's for a hundred bucks. I've made more selling a painting than that. Once I was in there though, I was fried in 2 seconds. There was painting after painting of fat nude ladies. Is that all these dudes painted? It was hard to look at because there was way too much. It all turned into mush for me. I stared at a few Renoir's and then sat and rested my eyes. Later we went to Yun's friend's house and I was able to do my own little drawing for myself. Maybe someone will hang this in a factory someday.


dominique eichi said...

Your piece is so beautiful I do hope it gets hung somewhere better that in a factory. Is it watercolor and ink pen ?

HeartFire said...

Terrific sketch & color....

Anita Davies said...

Loved reading about the Barnes collection and really enjoyed your wonderful sketch, so full of character.

Tommy Kane said...

A factory would suit me fine. Yes watercolor.

burramys said...

I really like this. The softness of the background gives it so much atmosphere, and the trees are great.

Tommy Kane said...

I had to work the hell out of it.

kate b. said...

likeit like it a lot. almost a bit more painterly than your usuals. very nice!

Tommy Kane said...

I put myself into drawing something I usually wouldn't chose. It forced me to do more of a painting than I'm used to.

LitPark said...

Really love that. Such a different style for you. Has a lot of emotion in it.

Yun said...

on a subconscious level, you must've been affected by all the Monets and Renoirs you had just seen at the Barnes Foundation -- it's a very impressionistic painting for you.


喜洋洋 said...